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Do PS5 and Xbox Series X Need a 4k TV?

It was November 2020 when Playstation released the PS5, and Microsoft released the Xbox series X. Considering their 4k capabilities, is a 4K TV absolutely necessary for using PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles? Here’s the quick answer.

No. PS5 and the Xbox series do not need a 4K TV although a 4K TV is recommended for the best gaming experience. PS5 and the Xbox series can function on any TV which supports HDMI.

Do PS5 And Xbox Series X Need A 4k TV

A PS5 or an Xbox Series X is at the top of the hierarchy in gaming consoles. It would be a waste not to utilize all the new and modern features it has to offer. This article will break things down for you as a buyer and help you make this critical decision.

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Do PS5 and Xbox Series X need a 4k TV for playing games?

PS5 and Xbox Series X do not require 4K TVs to play games. But who would not want to exploit the best capabilities of a gadget. The only problem is that it is an additional expenditure which may or may not be worth it.

You’re at a point of uncertainty. Should I get it, or should I not get it? It’s a dilemma for any buyer, more so if you’re buying a complementary product. 

So what is a complementary product?

A complementary product is any product or service that adds value to another product. For example, you bought toothpaste from the store. However, you can’t just use the toothpaste as a sole product; you’ll need a toothbrush. 

That’s what a TV is to any gaming console. The only difference here is whether or not a premium TV is a worthy complementary product. 

Here’s where this article will either sway you to buy the 4K TV or not. The decision lies solely in your hands or the depth of your wallet.

Why you should buy a 4K TV for your Xbox series X or PS5

1. Detail, detail, and more detail.

4K TVs or UHD are known for their impeccable details. The 3840×2160 pixels dip viewers into an immersive experience. Once you experience it, it’s pretty likely going to change your visual perspective. 

Every little thing, whether it’s the blade of grass in The Witcher or the impossible turns in Jump Force, you won’t miss any of it. It all snaps into focus.

2. Color handles better on 4K

Another significant aspect of 4K TVs is the color blending. The increased number of pixels smoothens and blends all the colors. The 4K Tv is making it come across as seamless. 

3. The price has gone down somewhat

Nowadays, 4K TVs are less on the premium luxury side and more on the mid-tier premium side of the price spectrum. You can get a good quality 4K TV for up to $400 on Amazon at least. 

If this price is still too high for your wallet, you can wait for sales (Black Friday is still a thing) or hopefully get one for Christmas. 

4. It appeals to your inner gamer

If wishes (4K TV) were horses (still the 4K TV), beggars (gamers) would ride. As a gamer, you want the best that the market can offer. If you want an immersive and undisputable gaming experience, then the 4K TV should be a no-brainer. Let that be a problem for your future self and buy the TV. 

Reasons for not buying a 4K TV

1. Xbox series X or a PS5 can still work on any other 4K TV 

Yes, it’s true. The Xbox Series X or PS5 can function efficiently on a TV that isn’t a 4K TV. Why? It’s all thanks to an HDMI cable. 

As long as you have a functioning HDMI cable and port on your TV, you can easily play with your desired console. 

The first reason on this list is that the complementary product (the TV) will satisfy your needs without causing regret. 

2. Not all games can run on 4K

Yes, there are two sides to this coin. One side is on the console’s capability, and the other is on the game’s capability. So far, the Xbox X series can run around 14 games in 4K while the PS5 can run around 13 games in 4K. 

This point wouldn’t exist if you could run the entire game library on these consoles in 4K. However, the 4K TV isn’t looking like the best investment right now. 

3. PCs might be better than 4K 

This point might be blasphemy, but honestly, a PC would be a much better investment than a 4K TV. It is like a buy one get one free type of purchase, but it eliminates most of the negatives behind a 4K TV. 

A 4K TV is a good buy if you have some money set aside. Kindly do not prioritize a 4K TV. It’s not a worthy investment at the moment. The future is bright, though. 

Here are some helpful FAQs. 

1. Is it worth getting a 4K TV for PS5?

Quite frankly, it’s not worth it, but you can experience other mediums apart from gaming with a 4K TV, like movies. 

2. I don’t have a 4K TV. Should I buy a PS5 or an Xbox Series X?

Yes, you can buy either console even if you don’t have a 4K TV. As long as you have an HDMI port, the consoles will run. 

3. Can I play all my games in 4K with a PS5?

Depending on the game, currently, you can play a dozen or so of your games in 4K on your PS5.


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