What Color Of Paint is Best For A Projector Screen?

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Projectors provide a true cinematic experience that even the best TVs are incapable of. But, what type and color of paint should you use for a projector screen?

The choice of paint color will depend on four factors.

If your projector is incapable of producing light which is bright enough, then a gray projector screen is out of the question.

Brightness of the Projector

The amount of ambient lighting in the room will largely govern the color of the screen paint that you will purchase for your projector screen wall.

Ambient Light

If you like to see more vibrant images, then white would be your choice. If you prefer to see better and deeper blacks, then a gray projector screen would be the best.

personal preference

If you are likely to watch a lot of 3D movies, then white screen paint is the most advisable choice.

Will you watch a lot of 3D?

How to Go About Painting Your Projector  Screen Wall

Prep the Wall

If your wall is not the same color as your projector screen paint, then you will have to prep the wall with a primer.


Determine the Projector Screen Area

The next step would be to mark the area where the image will be projected. 


Apply Masking Tape to Mark the Borders of the Screen Area

The tape will ensure that the painted area is a near-perfect rectangle and within the designated area.


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