The Best Home Theater Room Sizes 

Lined Circle

It can be difficult to decide how much space you need for your home theater. Here are the best home theater room sizes depending on what kind of viewing technology you plan to use.

The Best Home Theater Room Sizes 

Ideally, the best home theater rooms won’t be square in shape. Rectangular rooms are best for viewing and acoustics.

The Best Shapes For A Home Theater Room

The Golden Trapagon

This is by far the best shape for a home theater room because it removes the issue of parallel walls. This in turn reduces the effect of sound waves bouncing, and results in much clearer sound.


The Golden Cuboid

This works on the principle of the Fibonacci sequence and uses progressively increasing values. The easiest example to use is a room measuring 10 ft high, 16 ft wide, and 26 ft long.


The Normal Trapagon

This room shape works on the same basis as the Golden Trapagon but doesn’t use the Golden Ratio. Instead, there’s less difference between the front and rear walls, and it’s essentially a cuboid.


How Much Space Do You Need For A Home Theater?

The short answer is as much as possible. The bigger your home theater room, the more space you have for all the technology, and the bigger screen you can have.

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