7 Best Home Theater Seating Ideas

Lined Circle

To help you get inspired, here are 7 home theater seating ideas that you’re bound to love.

The idea here is to go for low, comfortable seating for two people—the perfect setup for those who don’t want a dedicated home theater environment but still enjoy watching movies.

Two-Person Home Theater


This type of seating arrangement is ideal if you plan on entertaining and will have several guests enjoying your home theater.

Dedicated Home Cinema Seating 


This seating plan is a combination of elements from the other two plans, and will probably be easiest for you to execute. You can do this by arranging the furniture in your living room so that it is all centered on your TV or projector screen.

Combined Home Theater And Living Area


A bedroom-based home theater should really just be a pumped-up TV viewing room, with the option of watching DVDs or Blu-Ray. 

Bedroom-Based Home Theater


Creating a theme can help tie everything in, and will make the space seem much more personal. However, creating a themed room can end up becoming more expensive because you have to be more selective with your items.

Themed Home Theater


If space is tight and you want to squeeze in as many seats as possible, this arrangement can be a good option. It’s very similar to the dedicated home-theater arrangement—everything points directly at the viewing area.

A Home Theater For Entertaining


For a mixed media home theater, arrange seats so that they can easily be adjusted to accommodate both socializing and viewing. Curved or semicircular sofas are good options for this purpose.

Mixed Media Home Theater Seating


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