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4 Cheap Projector Screen Alternatives

Here are some cheap alternatives to projector screens.  Choose the one that suits your requirement and budget. 

One of the easiest DIY options you can use for a projector screen is a bare wall. This option is the most cost-effective solution possible, and it’s incredibly versatile.


If you decide you want to use a bare wall for your screen, there are some factors to consider. For the best image quality, you’d do best with a solid white or light-colored wall.

The great thing about using a sheet as your screen, besides the fact that you probably already have it at home, is that it can be used anywhere.


To create your screen using a sheet, you can hang it up anywhere you want to watch your movie. You can place your sheet over a bare wall or build a frame that can work as a stand.

Be sure you pick a thick, sturdy wrapping paper with a glossy white bottom. Do not use wrapping paper if it is thin and tears easily, or if the white side is dull or unshiny.


To use wrapping paper as your screen, tape appropriately sized pieces to a wooden frame or onto a piece of cardboard.

Window shades can also be used as a makeshift projector screen. They are a great option because they can pull double duty and keep your room dark while displaying your movie.


Using window shades, you will get a decent picture quality, but don’t expect it to stand up to the high quality you would get using a real screen.

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