How To Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers To A Smart TV

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Let's look at all of the different ways you can connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to your smart TV.

Can I connect multiple Bluetooth speakers via my TV’s OS?

It would depend on your TV’s OS. Some TVs have different settings and features, and it would be best to check the user manual that came with your smart TV or contact support.

What if my smart TV does not have Bluetooth?

Although you may have a smart TV that does not possess Bluetooth capabilities, there are several ways to connect multiple devices and speakers.

Standalone Bluetooth transmitter/receiver

You can purchase devices that allow you to sync and stream audio to two separate Bluetooth audio devices simultaneously. 

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These devices can be used with not only smart TVs, but also other devices like smartphones. They have a 3.5mm input that allows you to plug them into a small headphone jack.

TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter and Receiver

Due to the fact it utilizes Bluetooth version 5.0, it allows for the connection of up to two Bluetooth devices like headphones and speakers.

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On top of it being a transmitter, it also functions as a receiver. This means you can connect to it via Bluetooth, and it will be able to perform and send audio via the 3.5mm jack instead of receiving it.

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