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How to Pair an Xfinity Remote with a Soundbar

It is important to note that there are different models of Xfinity remotes, so there can be some slight variations in the initial setup process. Let’s take a closer look at how to set up a few different models.

Can You Program Any Xfinity Remote to a Soundbar?

Yes, all Xfinity remotes can be programmed to your Soundbar or another type of audio/video receiver. 

Programming an Xfinity X1 Remote to Your Soundbar

Make the Soundbar the receiver output

Ensure that the Soundbar is the default output receiver for your sound. Otherwise, your TV will likely default to using internal speaker, so programming your remote to your Soundbar will be pointless.


Press the Setup button on your Xfinity X1 remote

Using this remote, look for the Setup button. Press it down for a few seconds.


Wait until the LED light at the top turns green

You might have to hold the Setup button down for a few seconds, but once it begins to register that it is initializing the setup process, the LED light should turn from red to green.


Enter the Soundbar’s manufacturer code

If you are not familiar with the 5-digit manufacturer’s code for your Soundbar, you can either look at the device’s specifications, or you can review the list of manufacturer codes online.


Test the remote

Now that the remote has flashed twice in green at the top of your remote, you will want to test it out. 


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