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PCM vs Dolby Digital vs Passthrough

Are you stuck between PCM, Dolby Digital, and passthrough audio tech?  I’ll walk you through these three digital audio technologies and explain how they are related.

What’s the Difference Between PCM and Dolby Digital?

Dolby Digital is an audio format that compresses the data on the audio signal, meaning less space is required to bring out top-quality sounds.

On the other hand, PCM is more of a manipulation of analog signals that converts them into an equal digital representation.

Is PCM Better Than Dolby Digital?

PCM is better than Dolby Digital in terms of audio quality. It produces an uncompressed sound format, while Dolby Digital does the opposite.

PCM vs Pass-Through

PCM converts analog audio signals to a digital audio format, whereas a Pass-Through lets the same signal “pass through” the device.

Which Is Better: PCM or Pass-Through?

Pass-through technology is better than PCM regarding sound quality and ease of use. 

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