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Should a Soundbar be Below or Above the TV?

Keep reading to learn how placing a soundbar above or below a TV can affect the audio experience—and why it’s not a good idea to mount the speaker vertically.

Positioning Your Soundbar

You may place the audio device on a table, stand, cabinet, or any other piece of furniture, or you could mount the soundbar on a wall above or below your television.

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Reasons You Should Place the Soundbar Below a TV

Most soundbars are designed to be positioned below a TV. When these speakers are positioned above the TV instead, the setup will not look visually right.

Aesthetically Pleasing

When a soundbar is placed below the TV, it is likely to sit at or just below your eye level. This means the audio travels directly to you.

Superior Audio Performance

Soundbars can be wireless or wired. If there are cables to work with, the soundbar could be placed as far as the length of the cable.

Easy Wiring

When placed below the TV on a stand, you can get away with not mounting the soundbar. That is not so when the soundbar goes above the TV.

No Mounting Needed

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