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Do Subwoofers Need To Be On The Floor?

Should a subwoofer be placed on the floor? If not, should it be placed up high on a shelf or hidden behind a couch?  Read on to find out the answers to these questions.

Why The Subwoofer Should Not Be Placed On The Floor

If you put the subwoofer on the floor, the vibrations will be transferred to it, causing the floor to vibrate.


When it comes to bass in a room, there are always peaks and nulls that affect the listening experience. 

Room Response

Best Options For Subwoofer Placement

You can place the subwoofer on a table to elevate it but there is a catch. The table has to be really heavy.

On A Table

If the subwoofer is front firing, it can be placed on a shelf or in a cabinet. The same rule of heaviness applies here.

On A Shelf Or In A Cabinet

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