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Our Mission

Unlike any other business out there, Home Theater Academy is designed for newbies to experts alike in the home theater industry.

No matter where you fit on the scale, this site was created to provide you with the resources you need to make your dream home theater. 

Home Theater Academy was created for the home theater enthusiast to discover the best technology and setups and keep up to date with the latest innovations in home theater technology.

From chairs to projectors to sound bars, Home Theater Academy is focused on publishing content that helps theater enthusiasts bring the magic of movies into their homes with the latest tech and innovations.

Our mission is to bring the theater experience to your home—one product at a time. 

The Value of Home Theater Academy

On this site, you’ll find various articles and resources related to home theater setups, designs, and products.

Whether looking for the right equipment or finding the best chairs to feel at home in your brand-new elite home theater, we have it all here for you!

We ensure that Home Theater Academy covers all you need for your home theater and much more. 

Our content on Home Theater Academy helps you achieve the home theater of your dreams!

We aim to provide the resources you need to create the best movie-watching and entertainment experience possible.

If you ever have any topics you would like to see discussed regarding home theaters, contact us! We’d be happy to research more into the subject and create new content to help you achieve your home theater dreams.

About the Authors

Presently, Sharad Dominic is the only author on Home Theater Academy. He is an expert on home theater systems and setups and has an experience of over 10 years.

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Presently, Home Theater Academy does not provide any services. You will only find informational content on this website.


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