Best Outdoor Movie Screens (Our Top Picks)

Summer is here, but cinemas might not be open as usual this year, especially considering the current social distancing measures. However, the current situation should not stop you from enjoying your favorite films on a big screen.

Luckily, today’s outdoor movie screens can give you the impression of being at the cinema – just get the popcorn ready!

Best Outdoor Movie Screens

if you haven’t already, check out my top picks for outdoor projector screen materials.

The Best Outdoor Movie Screens

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Here are my picks for the best outdoor movie screens. Click on the links to see the prices on Amazon.

Best Budget: Mdbebbron 120-inch Projection Screen

Everyone wants to experience high-quality cinematic experiences outside their home premises, but only some are ready to shell out big bucks.

Fortunately, Mdbebbron Projection Screen is here to fulfill this dream. Its price tag is low, and its quality is top-notch, making it one of the best budget-friendly movie screens out there.

Mdbebbron is a 120-inch projection screen featuring a wide 16:9 aspect ratio and a 104″ by 58″ viewing area. This screen is designed to withstand outdoor conditions and can prove to be a loyal companion on your picnic and camping trips.

This wall-mounted unit is easy to store and even easier to carry, all credited to its clever folding design. This means you can fold it down to just a few inches to fit into your suitcase or backpack, and likewise, it can be set up anywhere, depending on where your travels take you.

This outdoor screen is durable enough to handle the folding/unfolding cycle and is made of a single piece of material to reduce breaking or misplaced parts. And once set up, its strong mounting grommets secure it in place, eliminating any chances of it falling over or breaking off if anyone steps on it.

The best part? It comes with all the necessary installation accessories, from hooks and nails to ropes and tape, to make the setup process as fast and simple as possible. The brand claims to have a quick 2-minute setup, which was pretty accurate on testing.

However, the feature which won my heart right away was its anti-crease fabric. One common problem among outdoor screens is that they are prone to creases on folding. But, with Mdbebbron? Not a chance! Its polyester cloth is about two times thicker than conventional screens and, therefore, does not get wrinkled as easily.

All you have to do is hang the screen and turn on your projector; no more wasting hours on ironing or leaving it hung for days!

Coming towards the picture quality, it is not wrong to say that the Mdbebbron Projection Screen is a real treat for media enthusiasts. It is HD-ready and supports 1080P and 4K images.

At the same time, its 1.1 gain and strong light absorbance guarantee to deliver clear pictures infused with vivid colors. There is also an extra-wide 160-degree viewing angle and a black border to block any potential light permeation, resulting in brighter and smoother images.

To add more brownie points, this screen is compatible with both ultra-throw and short-thrown projectors to add more options.

While Mdbebbron presents great value for money, it has a few flaws, but nothing too serious. First of all, it does not include a mounting frame. Hence you will have to look for something else to put your screen on. Additionally, the mounting hardware does not work well and may require multiple tries before getting the hang of it.

Regardless, it is a tremendous outdoor screen and certainly the best affordable option for large family gatherings, BBQ parties, and backyard movie nights when you want to enjoy a movie with your loved ones.  


Setup time – 2 minutes

Screen size – 120 inch

Weight – 11 lb (5 kg)

Frame – not included  

Best Mid-Range: XHYCPY Inflatable Outdoor Projector Screen

There is something about inflatable projector screens that scream fun and enjoyment. And, when it comes to inflatable screens for outdoor use, the XHYCPY line of movie screens certainly takes the lead.

Contrary to other inflatable outdoor screens that sit low on the ground, the XHYCPY Inflatable Outdoor screen stands high so that even the littlest viewers can get a good view.

However, do not let its massive size fool you. This movie screen is lightweight and portable enough to be taken to any important occasion. Just unzip the zipper to let the air out and throw it in the back of your truck for easy storage.

You can also stock up your screen in the handy storage bag that comes with it; it is stylish and made from high-quality Oxford cloth to last the test of time. Either way, you can effortlessly take your XHYCPY screen from location to location to get a private theatre experience anywhere and everywhere.

Be it picnics, wedding parties, camping adventures, or outdoor birthdays, you can rely on this mega inflatable screen to do its job.

Similar to the setup, this screen’s installation is also super fast and convenient. It comes with an inflatable frame, blower, tether stakes, and all the required equipment for its installation. Simply insert the blower in it the inlet unless the frame gets fully inflated.

Through its high 250 watts power, the blower sets up the screen in just two minutes and keeps it inflated to prevent wrinkling and creasing. However, don’t forget to zip up the frame’s zipper before starting the process.

Getting to its design, XHYCPY’s frame is constructed from 210D Oxford material and headlines a wide triangle base for stability. There are also tethers and wind cords for sturdiness and to protect the unit from flying away with strong wind.

The XHYCPY screen is made from PVC and has a black back to block light from soaking through. It is 190 inches wide with a 16:9 dynamic aspect, is 3D and 4K ultra-HD compatible, and supports front and rear projection.

All these features work in unison to deliver crystal-clear, high-contrast images with colors vivid enough to make each scene pop off the screen. There is also a 160-degree viewing angle to provide more watching flexibility by allowing users to enjoy bright and clear images from every angle.

The XHYCPY Outdoor Movie Screen provides an amazing experience at a mid-range price tag but also has a few limitations. For starters, it is prone to creases and wrinkles that can cause lines or dots on the screen and adversely affect the image quality.

Another thing that I did not like was the uninstallation process, which was tedious and time-consuming. It can be a deal breaker for those who are always on the go.

But the long list of pros helps look past these cons, making XHYCPY Screen an excellent option for turning outdoor spaces into a movie theatre.

To sum it up, this durable screen delivers outstanding picture quality at a reasonable price and, therefore, gets straight As from my side.


Setup time – about 10 minutes

Screen size – 190 inch

Weight – 20 lb (9 kg)

Frame – inflatable 

Best High-end: Elite Screens Yard Master Plus Portable Projector Screen

If you can afford to spend more dollars for a quality watching experience, then Elite Screens Yard Master Plus Screen is exactly what you need.

Elite Screens is a leading name in projector screens and has hundreds of products under its belt, ranging from regular-duty screens to those jam-packed with features.

The Yard Master Plus falls in the latter category. This portable projector screen is an iteration of the Yard Master series, promising crowd-pleasing results at higher prices.

This screen comes in a 120″diagonal size, along with a lightweight, collapsible frame, detachable legs, and a storage bag.

The frame is constructed from rust-resistant steel that promotes its longevity, while the riveted snap attachments serve the important function of holding the screen upright and preventing it from drooping. All these pieces are heavy-duty, especially the snap-on buttons.

These buttons provide an instant lock and unlock mechanism and refrain from using any tool during assembling. Sure, all these rods and attachments can look daunting at first, but a glance into the detailed instruction booklet, and you will be able to install your unit in a matter of minutes.

Moving on towards the screen, Yard Master Plus 120-inch is about 59 inches in height and 104 inches in width and can be made higher or shorter through its adjustable legs.

It is made from ISF-certified CineWhite UHD-B material, a matte fabric capable of achieving image fidelity and accurate color reproduction. Simultaneously, this fabric also maximizes the flatness of the screen, resulting in crease-free images.

Together with the UHD-B, this screen has a fully black background and a 1.3 Gain to block light interferences, thereby delivering high-contrast and projection-ready images.

And, while we are at it, let’s not forget about Yard Master’s 180-degree viewing angle, which ensures that its picture quality is not compromised by the sitting position.

In addition, this screen is compatible with ultra-short throw, short-throw, standard throw, 4K, and 8K projectors to provide versatile, unrestricted use.

Another thing which I really liked about Yard Master is that it is accompanied by a longtime warranty to provide you the peace of mind. Since Elite Screens is a premium company, it gives this screen a two-year warranty and lifetime tech support.

Even though this is a personal preference, it certainly makes me feel much better knowing that if anything goes wrong, I will have a good chance of getting my money back.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that Yard Master’s Screen and frame are not durable enough to stand prolonged outdoor environment. Therefore, they should be moved inside in between viewing to last longer.

And while the legs can fold up in seconds for easy transportation, the removal of the screen can take some time and energy. Moreover, this unit lies more on the bulky side and requires a second screen for the rear projection.

Still, despite these minor drawbacks, the Yard Master Plus is indeed a one-of-a-kind outdoor movie screen equipped with all the right features to provide an immersive backyard cinematic experience for yourself and your fellow film enthusiasts.


Setup time – 7 minutes

Screen size – 120 inch

Weight – 37 lb (16 kg)

Frame – aluminum

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