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11 Best Outdoor Movie Screens

Summer is here, but cinemas might not be open as usual this year, especially considering the current social distancing measures. However, the current situation should not stop you from enjoying your favorite films on a big screen. Luckily, today’s outdoor movie screens can give you the impression of being at the cinema – just get the popcorn ready!

The best outdoor movie screens are easy to set up and store away while offering your cinema-like performances. The best ones include TaoTronics Indoor/Outdoor Projection Screen 4K and JaeilPLM 2-in-1 Portable Projector Screen. Personal preferences and screen use should also be considered.

Best Outdoor Movie Screens

The Best Outdoor Movie Screens

Find the complete list of best outdoor movie screens below. But if you haven’t already, check out my top picks for outdoor projector screen materials.

1. TaoTronics Indoor/Outdoor Projection Screen 4K

TaoTronics Projector Screen with Stand,Indoor Outdoor PVC Projection Screen 4K HD 100'' 16: 9 Wrinkle-Free Design(Easy to Clean, 1.1Gain, 160° Viewing Angle & Includes a Carry Bag) for Movie, Meeting

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One of the most significant obstacles buyers face when deciding to invest in a projection screen is the lack of plain walls or hangers to position the screen. In these situations, finding a model that works for you is not easy, and often you have to compromise on quality.

Luckily, the TaoTronics Screen is one of the highest-quality models on the market and comes with a tripod support stand. While sturdy enough to withstand everyday use, windy conditions, and uneven terrain, you might need to tighten it to the ground with ropes.

The screen itself is created in durable PVC, which gives the display the characteristic matte color. At the same time, the screen’s material helps prevent the yellowing of surfaces that can seriously compromise images and videos when projecting them on the screen.

Moreover, the TaoTronics screen is wrinkle-free for an enhanced viewing experience. When your film is over, it can be taken down, folded, and stored in its bag in a matter of minutes. Without screws, mounting, and hanging procedures to deal with, it is straightforward to set it up and take it down after your film.

The simple setup procedure, the lightweight frame, and the 160° viewing angle that fend off reflections make this screen ideal for parties or larger audiences.

If you need a little inspiration to set up your home cinema, check out the video below:


  • Set-up time – 5 minutes
  • Screen size – 100in
  • Weight – 21lb (9.5kg)
  • Frame – PVC 

2. JaeilPLM 2-in-1 Portable Projector Screen

JaeilPLM outdoor screenCheck Price on Amazon

If you are looking for an adaptable outdoor movie screen on which to project your favorite movies indoors and outdoors, the JaeilPLM 2-in-1 Portable Projector Screen is the ideal model for you.

One of the unique characteristics of this screen is that it can be hanged to a wall or fence. However, if this solution isn’t comfortable for you, you can also use the integrated stand to hold it up.

Unlike the option seen above, this screen’s standing model does not rely only on a tripod structure. Instead, it boasts a triangle base built with aluminum poles. These are lightweights, but they provide a sturdy structure for your screen.

Moreover, unlike a tripod, you can use this screen in conditions of light wind or on uneven terrain. Alternatively, you can quickly switch to the hanging mode just by securing the screen to a nail.

In terms of the actual screen, you can enjoy a smooth, wrinkle-free PVC screen held by a 4-hook technology that ensures the highest viewing quality. Due to these characteristics, you might notice the difference with other 4K displays, but it is still ideal if you are investing in a screen to enjoy your favorite movies with your family.

While this screen’s price is below $100, it includes some specifics that allow you to enjoy a higher-quality viewing experience. For example, the black coat at the back of the screen makes the colors appear brighter, more defined, and accurate. 


  • Set-up time – 15 minutes
  • Screen size – 80in or 100in
  • Weight – 13lb (5.80kg)
  • Frame – aluminum 

3. Holiday Styling 16-Foot Inflatable Projector Screen

Outdoor Projector Screen – Inflatable Portable Movie Screens for Outside - Premium Grade 200 inch Diagonal (16ft) - Front + Rear Projection Package by Holiday Styling

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There is nothing better than an inflatable screen to watch all of your favorite movies this summer. This model comes with a quiet blower that will get your screen up and running in under 2 minutes.

While the size of the frame is 200in, the actual screen size is much smaller and stays around 125in. However, due to the versatile inflatable structure, you can use the screen for rear and front projection – depending on your preferences.

Another benefit of this screen is that you will love its ability to withstand windy conditions, which makes this outdoor screen the perfect addition to any garden or yard. Moreover, the frame can be set up in under two minutes, thanks to the quiet blower that comes included in the package.

Some downsides you should watch out for include the fact that this screen is particularly heavy. Even if it is easy to set up, fold down and store, it does not achieve the high portability standards that other screens have. The storage bag is also not included in the price.

Another issue to consider is that the inflatable frame will lose the pressure as time goes on. Therefore, it is likely to deflate slightly, causing wrinkles across the screen. This, as well as the logo on one side of the screen, impacts your viewing experience and prevents you from using it professionally.

While considering all these pros and cons, this screen is ideal for family get-togethers and BBQ parties, when you just wish to enjoy a film with your loved ones. 


  • Set-up time – inflatable in 2 minutes
  • Screen size – 200in
  • Weight – 40lb (18kg)
  • Frame – inflatable 

4. Vamvo Outdoor Projector Screen with Stand

Vamvo Outdoor Indoor Projector Screen with Stand Foldable Portable Movie Screen 120 Inch (16:9) Full-Set Bag for Home Theater Camping and Recreational Events (120inch)

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If you need a lightweight and transportable option that is kind on your eyes and your wallet, this Vevmo screen is ideal for you. The 120in (in diagonal) screen and the 160° viewing angle ensure that you can watch tonight’s film from many different angles or in the company of many other viewers.

The lightweight stand is easy to set up and allows you to get ready to play the film in less than 5 minutes. A padded case to carry your screen with you once the film is over is also included.

Wrinkles can be an issue first, but other users have successfully used a steamer to get rid of them and restore the high-quality look of the screen. Instead of the classic Matte color, this screen benefits from a CineWhite tone and protection against UV rays and mildew. In any case, the sheet is easy to wash and supports 4K Ultra HD movies.

Overall, this inexpensive screen is an optimal choice to watch a film outside with your family, especially as it is also resistant to water. 


  • Set-up time – less than 5 minutes
  • Screen size – 120in (16:9)
  • Weight – 7lb (3.17kg)
  • Frame – aluminum 

5. EasyGo Inflatable Mega Movie Projector Screen

EasyGo Products 14' Inflatable Mega Movie Screen - Canvas Projection Screen for Outdoor Parties - Movie Cinema is Guaranteed to Thrill and Excite. Includes Inflation fan, Tie-Downs and Storage bag

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Summer is a synonym to beach time, and why not watch a film there just after sunset? If you are looking for an easy inflate, this waterproof screen can become an event screen when needed is highly versatile and suitable for most occasions.

If you decide to watch a film at the seaside, campsite, or garden, just grab the carry on bag the screen comes with. In your package, you will have an inflatable frame, blower, detachable screen, and strings attached to D rings if you need to stabilize your frame when in windy conditions.

The frame is incredibly lightweight, and the screen is easily detachable. The combination of these two features, as well as the fact that the white 600D canvas display is large enough for many viewers, makes this screen an optimal choice for any social occasion.

Lastly, this screen is created to be suitable for many environments. While you can comfortably set it up in your patio or garden, you won’t experience any trouble when inflating this screen on a beach, on rocks, on the sand, or wood. 


  • Set-up time – 2 minutes
  • Screen size – 169in
  • Weight – 8lb (3.6kg)
  • Frame – inflatable 

6. Elite Screens Yard Master 2 Outdoor Projector

Elite Screens Yard Master 2, 120 inch Outdoor Projector Screen with Stand 16:9, 8K 4K Ultra HD 3D Fast Folding Portable Movie Theater Cinema 120" Indoor Foldable Easy Snap Projection Screen, OMS120H2

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Not many brands of projectors are recognizable. However, if you are looking for one that will guarantee you the high quality of the screen you have bought, you should opt for Elite Screens.

Aside from being one of the best options on the market today, the company produces the exclusive YardMaster2 outdoor screen. This screen is highly portable and ideal for watching films both inside and outside.

Unlike many other manufacturers, Elite Screens make sure you can pick the screen size that better suits your requirements in terms of space and budget. Hence, you have an endless choice of sizes, ranging from 57in to 200in. If you are really going all in, the ultimate motorized option is also a highly-regarded screen.

This model is unique for many reasons, but it does have one feature that makes it stand out from any other screen – two viewing options. Depending on what you are watching and your requirements, you can use the CineWhite front projector or the Wraith Veil rear projection.

The first mode is characterized by a 160° viewing angle and a 1:1 gain, which makes it perfect for enjoying a film with many other viewers. This screen is also compatible with 4K HD, Active 3D, and HRD. This cutting-edge technology ensures that you will always be able to enjoy high-quality images.

While ensuring high-quality pictures, the CineWhite screen is made in durable multi-layer PVC, which is sturdy and easy to clean. Instead, the rear Wraith Veil is made of textured PVC with a back black coating to enhance contrast, accuracy, and definition of colors.

The Wraithveil screen is also compatible with 4K HD, Active 3D, and HDR.

To set up your screen, you won’t need any longer than 7 minutes, which places are among the easiest screens to set up. For the operation, you won’t need any tool, and you can set up the aluminum tubes in no time.

Aside from the aluminum frame and legs, you will also receive rigging cords, support rings, and a padded carry bag to take the screen with you anywhere. 


  • Set-up time – 7 minutes
  • Screen size – many sizes, ranging from 57in to 200in
  • Weight – varies depending on size (around 22.5lb or 10kg)
  • Frame – aluminum 

7. JWST Outdoor Projector Screen with Stand

JWST Projector Screen

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While very convenient, this projector has everything you need and more. Just like Elite Screens, the manufacturer has provided different screen sizes to suit the needs of any users, budget, or environment.

While this portable screen falls into the category of budget products, it is still compatible with 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D formats. Some of the most common sizes available are 100in, 135in, and 200in. However, if you are looking for a small portable screen to spice up your summer evenings, the 80in one if ideal. Oppositely, the 250in screen is better suited for professional use.

Independently on the size that you have picked, you will always benefit from a 160° and a 1.1 gain. The screens are also wrinkle-free from the moment you take it out of the package and make of Premium PVC material.

When it comes down to getting this model ready, you can complete the whole procedure in less than 20 minutes. While relatively easy to complete, you need to attach all 32 snaps to keep the screen in place. However, taking it down is just as easy, and you can fit the whole screen in a carry bag that comes included in the package for your convenience.

In the box, you will also find rigging cords and ground stakes. While these extra safety measures are not necessary in all situations, they can help you keep your screen in place in windy weather conditions. 


  • Set-up time – around 10 minutes
  • Screen size – many, ranging from 80in to 250in
  • Weight – 20lb (9kg)
  • Frame – aluminum 

8. Gemmy Airblown Inflatable Movie Screen

Gemmy 39127-32 - Airblown - Movie Screen - 120"x70

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This airblown movie screen is ready for you to enjoy in under 5 minutes, and it is made of a heavy-duty, triple-grade material that ensures durability and reliability. Each corner of the screen also boasts reinforced loops to secure the screen to the ground through ropes and pegs.

The outdoor movie screen is attached to the frame with resistant velcro, which ensures that you can remove it and wash it as you prefer. This convenient model is easy to clean and comes with a quiet electric blower that will get your screen ready.

The setup is so easy that it only takes one person to install the whole screen, which can be taken down, folded, and placed in the carry-on bag that comes with it at the end of the movie. Since it is lightweight and water-resistant, you can use it in camping sites, beaches, and poolsides. 


  • Set-up time – 5 minutes
  • Screen size – ranging from 12 to 15 feet (144 to 204 inches)
  • Weight – 10lb (5.5kg)
  • Frame – inflatable 

9. Draper Nocturne 100-Inch Outdoor Projection Screen

Outdoor Projector Screen Draper 138029 Nocturne/Series E 137 diag. (73x116) -Widescreen [16:10] -Matt White XT1000E 1.0 Gain

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This is an outdoor screen like no others. Perfect if you prefer a permanent solution, this screen needs to be installed professionally in your home, garden, garage, or barn.

Like standard projectors, it comes rolled in a compact tube in the top half of the wall. You can roll it down every time you want to watch a film in your private cinema!

This model comes in many different sizes in terms of specifications, with some screens being motorized and other maneuvered manually. In any case, you will enjoy a 160° viewing angle that makes this screen the perfect one to enjoy a movie and popcorn with friends. 


  • Set-up time – fixed installation
  • Screen size – ranging, 137in
  • Weight – 96lb (43.5kg)
  • Frame – aluminum 

10. Alltec 200-Inch Folding Projector Screen

200 Inch Large Projector Screen Big 16:9 3D Portable Movie Screen Folding Projection Screen HD for Outdoor Indoor Home Theater Church with a Black Projector Bag

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This screen by Alltech Systems is one of the best ones for outdoors or sports games. It comes with an extremely simple, sturdy frame and a carrying case that allows you to take the screen with you anywhere you need.

With gain ranging from 1.1 to 1.6, the picture quality and ratio of this screen are ideal. However, the limited 110 degrees viewing angle might cause distortions for viewers watching from a side location. Nonetheless, if the screen is large enough, you won’t struggle to accommodate a large number of viewers. 


  • Set-up time – 5 minutes
  • Screen size – ranging from 120in to 300in
  • Weight – 6.6lb (3kg)
  • Frame – canvas 

11. Camp Chef 92-Inch Portable Outdoor Projection Screen

Camp Chef Outdoor Entertainment Gear Outdoor Big Screen 92" Lite Portable Movie Screen

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Camp Chef is a medium-sized (92-in) outdoor screen that can be fitted anywhere. You can easily fit it into its bag and carry it with you anywhere. Made oxford nylon, it is resistant to most weather conditions, durable, and suitable for long-term outdoor use.

The screen comes with a steel frame that is sturdy and versatile and can be set up anywhere. However, if you wish to keep your screen stable in the wind, you will need to secure your screen with cords and other poles. All these are included in the package!

While this is a convenient screen that can be set up in any outdoor space and offers a viewing angle of 160°, there is also a larger size that, even if more expensive, can suit the needs of a larger party of viewers.

Lastly, you might experience some wrinkles on the screen, which they mostly appear depending on how it has been set up by the user. 


  • Set-up time – 5 minutes
  • Screen size – 92in
  • Weight – 18lb (8kg)
  • Frame – steel 


Buying an outdoor movie screen can represent a significant investment, but you can also select affordable, convenient, and easy to carry solutions. Whether you have opted for a simple tripod frame, inflatable screen, or hanging solution, the screens above will offer you cinema-like performances at home.

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