3 Best Soundbars for Large Rooms

Even though TV manufacturers are able to produce TV displays with outstanding picture quality, the sound they put out usually lacks depth and volume. Therefore, if you want good sound quality, your best bet is to buy a powerful soundbar—especially if your TV is in a bigger room.

best soundbar for large rooms

The best soundbar for a large room is the JBL Bar 5.1. It has proven to be a very versatile soundbar, with great bass and sound quality, at a price that’s not too steep. It has some minor drawbacks, but it provides a great price to quality ratio.

Let’s look at our top picks for the best soundbars for large rooms and see how they compare in terms of sound quality, price, and versatility. We’ll dive into the overall best soundbar, a premium option, and a budget option, so you’ll be able to choose something that suits your needs and your pocket. 

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The Overall Best Soundbar for Large Rooms—JBL Bar 5.1

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This JBL Bar 5.1 (available on Amazon.com) easily takes the cake compared to the other soundbars we’ll talk about here, especially those in the same price range. It’s built with versatility in mind, and it will provide a great bang for your buck when it comes to sound quality.

If you’re a bass head, you’re in luck: the JBL Bar 5.1 includes an external 10-inch subwoofer. It connects wirelessly to the soundbar, so you won’t have to deal with cables.


  • Amazing sound: This soundbar is great for both music and movies. You can get pretty close to the home theater experience with its surround sound, but it will also do justice to your music and easily handle a party.
  • Extremely versatile: The soundbar includes two detachable speakers that you can put just about anywhere since they’re also wireless. This feature allows you to have a soundbar and a surround system simultaneously.  You can effortlessly switch between the two based on your needs at the moment. 
  • Easy to use: This soundbar is also fairly easy to set up, provided that you follow the guidelines. Most users have been able to set it up in thirty minutes and get it going. You might have to invest some additional time in calibrating it and setting it up to perfectly match your preferences, but overall, it’s very easy to use. 
  • Not too costly: This soundbar holds its ground against premium soundbars at only a fraction of the price.
  • Powerful bass: Its subwoofer is very powerful, so you’ll get a really strong bass to power up your shindigs. For more focused listening, the sound quality is crystal clear and will allow you to hear every word, even if your hearing is slightly compromised. 


  • The batteries take long to charge: It takes 3 hours to charge the batteries, and they last up to ten hours. However, this should not be a problem for most people since you’ll hardly use the soundbar longer than ten consecutive hours, and you can easily charge them overnight while you sleep.
  • It sometimes mutes itself: One annoying glitch that a couple of users have reported is that the soundbar sometimes mutes itself automatically upon turning on. This glitch usually requires you to turn it off and on again a few times before it starts to work properly. Some have been so annoyed by this that they have considered sending the soundbar back, but it shouldn’t be too big of a deal for most people. 
  • The bass can be overpowering: Another common complaint is that the subwoofer can be too overpowering. This sometimes makes the middle disappear, drowned by the bass. You’ll need to keep your subwoofer volume relatively low if you want to balance out the frequencies and get a clear sound. 
  • The satellite speakers crackle sometimes: A few users have complained about the satellite speakers crackling from time to time, which can be rather annoying. This might happen due to interference from other smart wireless devices, which might require you to turn them off before using the soundbar. For some users, this can be a dealbreaker. 

The Premium Soundbar for Large Rooms—Sonos Arc

The Sonos Arc (available on Amazon.com) is truly a premium soundbar. It caters to users who seek perfect sound, ease of use, and accessibility, while not worrying too much about the price tag. This is not a budget-friendly option, but it provides a luxury experience and leaves practically nothing to be desired. 

If you want to go all-out, you can buy a pack that also includes an external subwoofer and extra speakers.


  • Amazing sound: The biggest pro of the Arc is its superb sound. Sonos wasted absolutely no expenses in creating the best possible listening experience, and all users so far have been absolutely stunned by the sound quality. 
  • Built-in Alexa and Google Assistant: You’ll be able to immediately start controlling the Sonos Arc with your favorite assistant.
  • Dolby Atmos playback: The sound quality is further enhanced by the use of Dolby Atmos. It supports Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Digital Plus, which creates an experience that is just as good as going to the movie theater. 
  • Easy setup: The Arc is super easy to set up and control, even more so thanks to Google Assistant and Alexa. It will cater even to the most demanding owners. 
  • Powerful speakers: The soundbar includes a separate amplifier for each speaker. This means there are eleven amplifiers in total, which is an amount of power rarely seen in a soundbar. This all means that it’s insanely loud. Increasing the volume to 75% is usually more than enough to give you a real blast, so it is perfect for large rooms, and it might even work well in your backyard or similar open area. 
  • Great surround sound: The Sonos arc includes front-firing and upward-firing speakers, which creates a superb 3D surround sound that enhances your immersion.


  • Very expensive: Although it goes without saying, the goal of the Arc is to provide the best possible sonic experience. So, even though the price is justified, it might deter some potential buyers.
  • It doesn’t work well with older TVs: For the best possible experience, you need a TV that has eArc (Enhanced Audio Return Connection). The Sonos Arc will work with a TV with ARC, but this kind of TV doesn’t support Dolby TrueHD, so you’ll not get the most out of your Sonos Arc. 

The Best Budget Soundbar for Large Rooms—Wohome S18

If you’re on a very limited budget, the Wohome S18 (available on Amazon.com) will probably be just the thing you’re looking for. It is very easy to set up, it’s fairly versatile (for the price range), and the sound is loud enough for a big room. 


  • Price: This soundbar comes at a more than reasonable price, which makes it a great choice for everyone on a tight budget or for people who just want a louder sound from their TV.
  • Easy setup: This soundbar is super easy to set up, and its ease of use has been praised even by elderly and not particularly tech-savvy users.
  • Great sound: The sound this soundbar puts out is very clear, and the bass is powerful without being overpowering. You’ll be able to hear every dialogue in your movies, even if you’re relatively far from your screen. 
  • Different ways to connect it: You can just plug in a USB stick with your favorite tunes and use the remote to switch through them. It can be connected to your TV in a few different ways, including Bluetooth, optical, and analog sources. This means it’s possible to connect it to different devices, not just TVs.


  • Unreliable remote: The most common complaint so far has been the unreliability of the remote. Several users have mentioned that their remotes either just stopped working or only worked occasionally. This can definitely be a big issue—having to stand up to adjust the volume every time may deter you from buying it. 
  • Not enough sound options: Another problem with this soundbar is that it’s impossible to make detailed adjustments to its sound. There are three settings: movie, normal, and music, and you’re stuck with that. There is no option for adjusting the treble, bass, and middle individually, which might deter you if you’re a dedicated audiophile.


A soundbar is a great addition to your TV setup, and it will greatly enhance your watching experience. If you’re looking for a good soundbar, the JBL 5.1 is the best option. It offers a great price to quality ratio and won’t leave you disappointed.

You can choose the Sonos Arc as a premium option. It’s costly, but it provides an amazing listening experience. 

As a budget option, you can go with the Wohome S18, which lacks certain features but is an outstanding choice for its price range. 

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