Best TV Mounting Height and Viewing Angles

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Neck pains are a real pain in the neck, especially when you get them from watching your TV at home. To avoid this you need to ensure that the TV is mounted at the right height and angle.

In terms of ergonomics, the best TV mounting height is between 40 to 43 inches measured from the center of the TV. The TV should also be mounted at an angle between 0º and 20º for comfortable viewing and avoidance of neck strain.

Best TV Mounting Height and Viewing Angles

If you have a new TV and plan to mount it, here’s some helpful information to guide you through a successful TV mounting process. You’re welcome to read more information on how to do that and how proper TV mounting is a health concern. 

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What are the Best TV Mounting Height and Viewing Angles

The general population may not know this, but mounting TVs is a science. It’s not a matter of fixing it onto a wall; everything down to the mounting appliance is down to a science. 

Thanks to gravity, what goes up must come down, and fortunately, TV mounts allow you to keep your TVs in a gravity-defying position. This position, however, is dictated by several factors:

  • The mounting height
  • The mounting angle
  • The location of the mounted TV

Experts have formulated a general rule of thumb that you can use to mount your TV with all of these factors in check. 

1. The mounting height

From the center of the TV, all the way down to the floor, you require a height of 110 cm. That’s around 43″. Experts recommend a range of between 40″-43″. 

It would be much better to align the height of your couch when you’re seated to get the most of the height factor. You can use a laser if you trust your skill or a tape measure. Better yet, you can use both methods to get the TV aligned on the wall correctly.

2. The mounting angle

It would be best to mount your TV between 0º and 20º. This range allows you to correlate it according to the position and height of your couch. However, this angle range is only suitable in your living room. 

If you want to mount your TV in your bedroom, a range of 95º to 100º would be ideal. You can also change the angle if it doesn’t match what you’re looking for in terms of results. 

It would be best to consider another factor regarding angles, although it is a specialized factor.

Some TV mounts come with a rotating feature. Roughly means the mount can move to either the right or the left, depending on where you’ve mounted it. 

Ensure that you’ve mounted your TV at an angle where you can utilize the rotating feature. It would be best to use everything the TV mount has to offer. It’s the best way to get good value for your money. 

Lastly, in terms of angles, you want to consider the direction of sunlight. The direction of the sunlight and how it seeps into your house or apartment can quickly switch an excellent angle to a wrong angle. 

Let’s say you have a window in front of the TV or the area where you’d like to mount the TV. Ensure that you watch out for how the sunlight interacts with that particular area. You don’t want to start changing the angle or buying heavier curtains to deal with the sunlight. 

3. The positioning of the TV mount 

TVs are great when you mount them in specific areas of your home, but they tend to fall short when you don’t get the positioning right. Here are some locations you should avoid when mounting your TV:

  • On top of a fireplace may seem cute, but it’s far from it.
  • In the corner of a room. It could be your living room or bedroom.
  • Mounting the TV on a piece of furniture. Mounting is supposed to give you security and not anxiety.
  • Mounting the TV in a location that goes against your interior design choices like artwork placement.

What else should homeowners consider in terms of best angles you should mount your tv on?

There are so many questions that homeowners should ask themselves before mounting a TV. Another thing that homeowners should take into account is the placement of the cables. 

Cables can quickly turn into a mess if you do not adequately manage them and their placement. 

How can you manage them? The answer lies with cable ties. Cable ties allow you to organize and bring together all the cables and, well, tie them together. Leaving you with an organized array of cables that you can easily conceal. 

Why is the angle of your TV so important?

It’s all about health. Studies show that watching TV in the wrong position leads to neck pain and headaches. One of the solutions to this problem is by adjusting the angle of your TV. 

Helpful FAQs. 

1. Is it better to mount a TV higher or lower?

Experts recommend mounting your TV at a range of 0º to 20º. Ensure that you use your couch as a reference to get it right. In terms of height, it would be best to mount it at the height of 43″ or 110cm. Again, your couch is the best form of reference you have at your disposal. Lastly, don’t mount your TV in the wrong places.

2. Does the size of the TV matter when it comes to mounting?

Yes, the size matters when it comes to positioning. The angle and height won’t change much but ensure that you position your TV in an area that considers its size. 

If you have a rotating mount, take the rotation into account as well.

3. Can you mount your TV without a wall mount?

Why yes, you can use an aftermarket TV stand to achieve this mountless TV.


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