Does An HDMI Splitter Reduce Quality?

Some TVs come with one HDMI port. The only solution is to have an HDMI splitter; however, is an HDMI splitter worth the investment? Does an HDMI splitter reduce quality?Lets find out. 

HDMI splitters will not reduce quality by enough to notice. However, they will only work for the lowest resolution component attached. So, if one monitor is 1080p and the other 4k, the best resolution from the splitter will be 1080p.

Does An HDMI Splitter Reduce Quality

These are just some facts that this article will offer. If you want to understand how HDMI splitters work and how they affect the quality, you’re welcome to keep reading. 

Does an HDMI splitter reduce quality? 

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Connecting your TV, console, and other devices using an HDMI splitter is a welcome gift. It makes things a lot easier, and you don’t have to keep changing the devices to use the device you want at that time. 

As a buyer, there can be numerous questions about whether or not this pipe dream exists. To help you understand an HDMI splitter before and after buying, here are some helpful facts. 

The effect of the Extended Display Identification Data(EDID)

If you recently bought an Xbox series X or a PS5, you know that the consoles can handle 4K quality. Let’s say you have an HDMI splitter and a 1080p TV. Will the quality reduce?

The math doesn’t add up, so you might assume that the quality on the TV will go down. Well, it’s less to do with the splitter and more to do with the EDID. 

The EDID is an industry standard that display devices utilize. Your TV, for example, is a display device, so it’s normal for the EDID to apply to your TV. 

How does it apply to an HDMI splitter? The EDID requires the HDMI splitter to send the same signal to your TV and your gaming console. Therefore, regardless of the difference in resolution, both the splitter and the TV will send a signal of 1080p. 

Why won’t it send the 4K signal? That’s because your TV is a 1080p TV; it can’t get to 4K when it doesn’t have the specs or hardware for it. 

HDMI Splitter and HDMI switches are two different things

You may have come across the term HDMI switch. An HDMI switch will take signals from multiple sources, let’s say your TV, game console, cable, etc., and sends a single cable to your TV. Whereas an HDMI splitter has one source and sends it to numerous other TVs that you connected. 

Look at it from this angle; an HDMI switch is many sources to one, while an HDMI splitter is one source to many. When you’re in the market for an HDMI splitter, read the product titles carefully.

HDMI splitters and HDMI switches do entirely different things. Buying the wrong device for you can lead to a lot of time wasted regardless of whether or not you can return it. 

This fact is a quick reminder to read product descriptions and product details before purchasing anything. It will save you a lot of time, money, and effort. 

The benefits of using a high-quality HDMI splitter

The quality also depends on the brand, make, and model of the splitter you’re using. A good HDMI splitter will produce high-quality results. Again, make sure you confirm which brand of splitter you’re utilizing. 

The best HDMI splitter in the market is the Orei 4K 1X2 HDMI splitter. It has a 4K resolution that will allow it to catch up to the newer consoles such as a PS5 or an Xbox series X console. You won’t have to worry that the EDID will cause adverse effects. 

An HDMI splitter sends digital signals

The best thing about digital signals is that they transmit without a loss in quality. Most HDMI splitters will send a digital signal, but check the product description if you’re wary of the brand you will purchase. 

Regardless of the EDID, it will send a digital signal which allows little to no loss in quality. The only problem will be if the source and receiving devices have different resolutions. 

Apart from that, it’s safe to say that an HDMI splitter will not cause a quality reduction during signal transmission. 

Long HDMI cables

Nevertheless, the quality reduction can occur if the HDMI cable is too long. The longer the HDMI cable, the more likely you will notice a loss in quality. 

Experts recommend using shorter cables that will reduce the risk of quality reduction during transmission. Still, on the matter of cables, there is a concern about poor quality HDMI cables. 

You will notice a quality reduction if you use a poorly manufactured HDMI cable on your HDMI splitter. Ensure that you use HDMI cables that meet the industry standard and come from quality-assured and trustworthy manufacturers.

HDMI splitters are an excellent investment for your home appliances. Ensure that you buy a suitable HDMI splitter and that you are using quality HDMI cables, and you won’t have a quality issue in the long run. 

HDMI Splitter FAQs

Does an HDMI splitter affect gameplay or cause lagging while gaming?

Fortunately, an HDMI splitter does not cause any lag while gaming. You will not notice any FPS drops as long as you’re using the right equipment. Ensure that you are using a good splitter and corresponding cables. 

Can you use an HDMI splitter with different resolutions?

Thanks to the EDID, yes, you can. The EDID will ensure that the HDMI splitter will generate a signal that fits both devices despite having different resolutions. You can rest assured that there are countermeasures put in place to make sure that a signal discrepancy doesn’t take place. 

Do HDMI splitters wear out with time?

As long as you buy a quality HDMI splitter, you might purchase a worthwhile investment. Ensure you buy a quality splitter. 


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