Can You Use Floor Standing Speakers as Surround Speakers?

There is no doubt why so much of your research goes into selecting the perfect speakers for your home theater sound system. When choosing the right surround speakers, there are a lot of options to choose from. Perhaps you are considering floor standing speakers.

Floor standing speakers make a great option for surround speakers with their frequency range, number of drivers, height, ability to pair with other speakers and aesthetics. Floor standing speakers can be used in the front or rear for surround, but are most frequently used in the front.

Can You Use Floor Standing Speakers as Surround Speakers_

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There are so many different advantages that floor standing, or tower, speakers have to offer. As you continue down the route of exploration to finding the perfect speakers for your home theater surround sound system, floor standing speakers can add quite a lot to your setup.

Let’s take a closer look to see why floor standing speakers are so advantageous to be used as surround speakers.

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What are Floor Standing Speakers?

Before we begin taking a look at why floor standing speakers are so advantageous when used as surround speakers, it is probably important that we address what floor standing speakers are in the first place.

After all, knowing the difference between various types of speakers sets you up for success in choosing the right speaker for your unique needs and home theater space.

Floor standing speakers, or tower speakers, are some of the tallest loudspeakers that you will find on the market, and they typically are complete with a wide range of frequencies coming from multiple drivers. These include a tweeter (for high-frequency), mid-range, and woofer (for low-frequency).

Floor standing speakers are also some of the most commonly used speakers found in home theater setups.

Truly, this cornerstone piece has become a staple inclusion in amateur and professional home theater construction throughout the world. And, this is for good reason considering the quality of audio that you can experience with a floor standing speaker.

The height of a floor standing speaker is likely going to be the first thing you notice about this type of speaker when you first look at it. Of course, its audio performance is high-quality, too, but the shape and design of this type of speaker are unique among others.

While other speakers sit on the floor or on a shelf, floor standing speakers have enough height and a sturdy enough construction to be able to stand alone.

While you can find stands for your floor standing speakers, this would most often only be necessary when using this for protection of the piece of sound equipment or for elevation to avoid sound absorption in carpeting or another floor surface.

With that said, the height can offer a great benefit to the listener. Often, you will need to place a speaker on a shelf or another type of elevated surface to capture and optimize the performance of the audio experience.

However, the tall height of a floor standing speaker lends itself valuable to the listener as the audio is naturally sent directly at ear-level- something that will be highly beneficial for your surround sound setup.

Outside of height, the wide range of frequencies that a floor standing speaker can play is another reason that many people find this device so appealing.

As mentioned, floor standing speakers typically contain at least 3 drivers to cover a range of audio signals from low to high frequencies. This can be advantageous for many reasons whether being used in a standard fashion or as surround speakers.

Why is it Good to Have Floor Standing Speakers as Surround Speakers?

 Floorstanding Speakers

Now that you know a little bit about what floor standing speakers have to offer, especially in what makes them unique from other pieces of sound equipment, it is appropriate to take a look at why these are not just good speakers but good as surround speakers– because there is a difference in that.

Floor standing speakers are a high-quality choice of equipment to use in your sound system- especially if you use them as surround speakers. The ability to maneuver a wide range of frequencies coming from one set of speakers in the front or rear is impressive, along with many other reasons.

Truly, as a floor standing (or tower) speaker has become a staple piece of equipment used in sound systems throughout the world, it is no surprise as to why this is.

While there are many different types of speakers to use as surround speakers or speakers in your home theater’s sound system, floor standing speakers offer some unique advantages.

Here are a few reasons why floor standing speakers make good surround speakers:

Floor standing speakers have natural height.

Seriously, the height of your speaker will make such a difference in the way that the audio signals are cast throughout your room and the way you consequently experience the audio performance.

When using a floor standing speaker, you likely do not have to worry about removing too many obstructions or selecting a perfect location to hoist your sound equipment onto the wall. Instead, you will simply plug your speaker into the appropriate connections and place the speaker on the floor.

As mentioned above, you can choose to incorporate stands for your floor standing speakers, but this is not often required.

Thus, the placement of floor standing speakers comes more easily since it is more about the angling and positioning than having to find a set of tools to appropriately elevate the speakers to the listener’s ear-level.

Floor standing speakers play a wide range of frequencies with multiple drivers

Another reason floor standing speakers make good surround speakers is because they already come with multiple drivers to provide a wide range of frequencies.

While you will likely want to pair this type of speaker with a subwoofer to get a full and robust-sounding bass, floor standing speakers still offer a wider range of frequencies than other speakers (like bookshelf speakers, for example).

Because of this, you get a more full audio experience with the use of one pair of tower or floor standing speakers than you naturally would with other types of speakers.

Instead of having to purchase multiple other pieces of sound equipment, the tower speaker comes with the drivers that can help you to achieve low-frequency (woofer), mid-range, and high-frequency (tweeter) audio signals.

Floor standing speakers can be used in a pair and mesh well with other speakers in your sound system

Along with being a good set of speakers to use independently as surround speakers, floor standing speakers can be used well in a pair to mesh with the other speakers in your sound system.

For example, it was mentioned that a subwoofer will likely need to be added to the surround sound system to fully capture the lowest audio frequencies. Because of this, you are going to want to find a type of speaker that can easily work with other speakers in a complete sound system.

Floor standing speakers are just that. They not only work well in terms of setting up the audio projection and appropriate levels of power, but they can be moved throughout your room to project sound in the perfectly-angled setup that will leave you completely satisfied with the overall audio experience that they provide.

Floor standing speakers work well in large home theater rooms (as well as small and mid-sized spaces)

Finally, floor standing speakers are able to make an impression- a very positive one- on you and any guests or family members that you invite to enjoy a media-streaming experience with you.

Not only are floor standing speakers impressive in that they literally tower over the other speaker options that you might choose to incorporate in your sound system, but they show a level of dedication to high-quality audio that is not easily matched by other types of speakers.

Since floor standing speakers are so much larger than other speakers, guests who enter into your home theater will know that you take your audio experience seriously, and this high-quality speaker option will attest to that with its level of audio performance.

With that, not only does the level of power and wide audio range make the floor standing speakers a great option to impress your guests, but they naturally work well in a large home theater room because of their ability to cast audio signals farther and more efficiently than smaller speakers.

Thus, whether you are in a small, mid-sized, or large home theater room, you can be sure to count on floor standing speakers to get the job done. You are sure to be pleased with floor standing speakers as an effective and impressive option for your surround speakers.

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