3 Ways to Hang a Soundbar on the Wall Without Screws

When it comes to hanging a soundbar, or any kind of speaker, most people find drilling a screw into the wall to be the best way to hang a soundbar. However, in some places, especially rented spaces, you can not actually use screws in your walls. How can you hang a soundbar on the wall without screws?

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How To Hang a Soundbar on the Wall Without Screws

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How To Hang a Soundbar on the Wall Without Screws

Here are the best ways to hang a soundbar on the wall without screws:

  1. Use Command hooks to hang a soundbar on the wall.
  2. Use alien tape to hang a soundbar on the wall.
  3. Use picture hooks to hang a soundbar on the wall.

Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that you consider the safety and weight of your soundbar when deciding which method to use. Soundbars can be both heavy and expensive pieces of equipment. Let’s take a deeper look at how you can hang one on the wall without screws.

1. Use Command Hooks To Hang a Soundbar on the Wall

Command hooks (available on Amazon) often represent a great tool you can use around your home without needing to damage your walls. They are also a great way to hang a soundbar on the wall without using screws. 

They’re small plastic hooks that have an adhesive on the back that allow them to stick to many different types of surfaces including drywall, wood, and metal. Command hooks also do not leave behind any residue when they are taken off the wall.

Here’s how to use Command hooks to hang a speaker or soundbar:

  1. Decide where on the wall or surface you want your speaker. 
  2. Once this is done, wipe down the surface with an alcohol-based swab (i.e. Clorox Wipes) to remove any dirt and debris that might impact the adhesive on the Command hook. 
  3. Then, peel the cover off of the adhesive and attach the Command hook to the wall. 
  4. Once these are firmly on the wall, you can then hang your speakers from them.

Important to note, however, is that Command hooks can only hold about seven lbs (3.17 kg) of weight. If your soundbar weighs more than that, you likely should not use Command hooks. Instead, find a different option.

2. Use Alien Tape To Hang a Soundbar on the Wall

Another option you can use to hang a soundbar on the wall without using screws is Alien Tape. 

Alien Tape is similar to Command hooks in the fact that it is an adhesive you can apply to your wall and soundbar without the fear of damaging your wall.

A double-sided tape, Alien Tape can create a much larger surface for you to hang a speaker or soundbar on your wall and can work with heavier sound systems than a Command hook can.

To use Alien Tape to hang a speaker or soundbar, take similar steps as you might use Command hooks:

  1. Decide where on the wall you want to hang the speaker.
  2. Then clean the wall with some sort of alcohol-based cleaner. 
  3. Next, cut the amount of tape you want to use to hang your speaker and apply it to the wall. 
  4. Once applied, carefully push the speaker against the tape so it sticks. 

One downside to Alien Tape, however, is that it only works on very smooth surfaces. If you have plaster walls or are trying to hang a speaker on a surface that is not completely smooth, you will not be able to use Alien Tape.

3. Use Picture Hooks To Hang a Soundbar

A third option for hanging a soundbar without using screws is by using picture hooks to hang a soundbar. Similar to Command hooks, picture hooks create a small hook that you can hang your soundbar off of. 

Unlike both Command Hooks and Alien Tape, however, picture hooks do cause some damage to your wall. While there are plenty of ways to remove a nail and from and refill it, you’re still putting a hole in your wall.

To use picture hooks, decide where on the wall you want to hang your soundbar and place the picture hook there by hammering in the nail that holds the hook. Then, hang the speaker or soundbar from the hook, or use wiring to strap the soundbar to the hook to hang it. 

Picture hooks can also hang items that are much heavier, with some hanging objects up to 60 lbs (27.21 kg)! Make sure you figure out how heavy your soundbar is, and then purchase an appropriate strength hook to match it.

Additionally, Consider the Safety and Weight of Your Soundbar

While these three options do work and allow you to hang a soundbar without screws, there are some instances in which you might not want to use these methods and use a screw. 

For example, if your walls are rigged, or are simply not smooth, these three methods can be hard to implement. Additionally, if you want your soundbar to be able to move on a swivel, these three methods can restrict the soundbar’s motion. 

Most importantly, however, is that if your soundbar is very heavy or very expensive, you probably do not want to use one of these three methods. 

While picture hooks can normally support a decent amount of weight, you never want to run the risk that your soundbar will fall off the wall and break. If it is very heavy, or even if it is light but very expensive, you might want to use a different method to hang your soundbar.

Final Thoughts

When hanging soundbars or other kinds of speakers, there are a number of techniques you can use to hang them without screws. While screws are a common and reliable way to hang soundbars, you can try to use Command Hooks, Alien Tape, or Picture Hooks instead.

Of course, these methods typically only work with lighter speakers and on flat surfaces. If you have a very heavy speaker or are not hanging your soundbar on a smooth surface, these methods typically do not work. Be sure to consider these factors when hanging your soundbar.

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