Do Smart TVs Have Bluetooth? (An Easy Home Theater Guide)

Do smart TVs have Bluetooth? As technology progresses and older tech like Bluetooth slowly gets left behind, you often wonder if smart TVs have built-in Bluetooth. This article will answer your question and more!

do smart tvs have bluetooth

Some smart TVs come with built-in Bluetooth. However, not all TV manufacturers consider it a standard feature. Why?

  • There are newer alternatives to Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth isn’t necessary anymore
  • Bluetooth is getting older 
  • TV manufacturers choose not to have Bluetooth as a standard

For more in-depth information on why some smart TVs do not have Bluetooth, be sure to keep reading. This article will also delve deeper into the topic and explain many things that are Bluetooth-related.

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Do Smart Tvs Have Bluetooth?

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Yes, smart TVs do come with built-in Bluetooth. However, not all smart TVs come with the Bluetooth feature. It’s sad because once upon a time, Bluetooth was the 4K of the TV industry. It was an industry standard that consumers had to have on their TVs, smartphones, fridges, etc. 

However, with the rise of other alternative methods, Bluetooth has been forced down from its throne. And now it’s walking on a tight rope. It’s uncertain how long TV manufacturers will keep Bluetooth (remember 3D?), as some are forgoing it entirely. 

Why are manufacturers forgoing Bluetooth? It’s thanks to you, the consumer. Many consumers aren’t using Bluetooth like in previous years. Hence, manufacturers don’t see a need to add the feature to new smart TVs; this article will delve more into this, so be sure to keep reading.

What Is Bluetooth, And What Are There Different Types Of Bluetooth

Firstly to understand what Bluetooth is and its different types. Why? Because manufacturers use different types of Bluetooth and not the same one across the board.

 Bluetooth is a wireless technology built into devices for the efficient exchange of data between devices. You can send music, movie, pictures, etc., over Bluetooth because they are a form of data. 

What Are The Different Types Of Bluetooth?

Manufacturers divide the different types of Bluetooth according to the version. So far, the latest Bluetooth version is version 5.2. Manufacturers released at the CES conference in 2020.

Another thing about Bluetooth 5.2 is connectionless communication. Now users can have one source that transmits signals to multiple signals to other multiple sources. 

For example, you can connect your laptop and two other pairs of headphones using Bluetooth. Your smart TV will act as a source, and the other devices like your laptop and headphones act as the destination points. 

It’s sort of like an HDMI splitter without the HDMI cables. In this connectionless communication, you can refer to a single stream as a Broadcast Isochronous Stream (BIS).

Furthermore, a group of BIS(s) is known as a Broadcast Isochronous Group (BIG). You can have as many BIGs as you want as long as your device is running Bluetooth 5.2.

Why Don’t Some Smart Tvs Have Bluetooth?

So with Bluetooth releasing its latest version a year ago, why don’t some smart TVs have Bluetooth? 

1. There are new alternatives to Bluetooth

Bluetooth manufacturers released the first version in 1999. That was Bluetooth version 1.0. With 21 years under its belt, there have been some technological advancements that shine brighter than Bluetooth. 

This article will cover more on these alternatives below. However, manufacturers are moving with the times. It’s part of being innovative, and the alternatives are better and faster than Bluetooth. 

2. Bluetooth isn’t a necessity anymore

Once upon a time, in the golden age of Bluetooth, it was a must-have in any electronic device. Bluetooth was a spec that phone or TV manufacturers could not avoid. Consumers would only buy the product if they had Bluetooth built into the product. 

However, the alternatives have removed the necessary factor of Bluetooth. It has competition, and its demand isn’t as great as it once was. It doesn’t mean that Bluetooth hasn’t improved since 1999. However, the alternatives are much better for consumers.

3. Bluetooth is getting older

Bluetooth technology is pretty old. With 21 years in its bag and only five updates to speak, it causes you to wonder whether Bluetooth is on its last leg. 

Technology gets better with innovation, and Bluetooth has had little of it. Before version 5.2, the last version of Bluetooth was version 5 in 2016. With fewer releases and fewer updates, Bluetooth might be heading towards the last leg of its lifespan. Regardless, the current version of Bluetooth has improved tremendously. 

For example, version 5 increased the range from 50 meters to 200 meters. That’s a huge jump.

4. TV manufacturers choose not to have Bluetooth as a standard

With the golden age of Bluetooth behind us, manufacturers can choose not to have Bluetooth in some of their products. For example, Sony doesn’t make some of its TVs with Bluetooth. 

It’s a manufacturer’s choice, and it has had little impact on their overall performance. Sometimes it is what it and the manufacturers can dictate what features they want and don’t want on their products. 

smart tv bluetooth setup

How Can You Tell If A Smart TV Has Bluetooth?

Since you’re aware that some smart TVs do not have Bluetooth, it would be in your best interest to check the product descriptions before buying a smart TV. 

Product descriptions will highlight all the features a smart TV will come with out of the box. Ensure that you read it and check for built-in Bluetooth as one of the options. 

Smart TVs are built differently because of different takes by manufacturers. Just by switching it on, you can’t know if your TV has built-in Bluetooth. 

Regardless, it is good practice to confirm what features you’re getting before buying a smart TV. You should also confirm if those features align with the features you want from a smart TV. Think of it as having mutually inclusive goals.

Which Smart Tv Brands Have Bluetooth?

The majority of the leading brands like Samsung, LG, etc., have Bluetooth as a standard feature. However, other brands like Sony have products that do not have built-in Bluetooth.

Again, ensure that you check whether or not the TVs have built-in Bluetooth. Vizio also has Bluetooth as a standard feature, so unless you’re looking for a Sony smart TV, the rest should come with Bluetooth built into it. 

However, experts still recommend checking the product descriptions before purchase. Just in case you change your mind while you’re at the store and maybe buy a Sony TV. The probabilities are endless.

Do 4k Tvs Have Bluetooth?

4K TVs are the new and improved resolution TVs in the TV industry. They come with bright, contrasting, and colorful displays that make watching movies and playing games a whole new experience. 

Manufacturers are now rolling out 4K TVs so that you can be sure that the majority of consumers will have 4K TVs in the next decade, or even less. 

But do 4K TVs come with Bluetooth? The answer is yes, 4K TVs do come with Bluetooth. The best Bluetooth 4K TV is the Samsung 65″ Curve 4K/UHD Smart TV. 

Since it’s a Samsung product, you know for sure that Bluetooth will be a standard feature in the build of the TV unless Samsung releases a statement and says otherwise, it’s pretty unlikely that this fact will change. 

Which Devices Do You Connect A Smart Tv With Using Bluetooth?

Regarding the devices you can pair using Bluetooth to a smart TV, you will have to inquire with the manufacturer. Some manufacturers like Sony only allow you to pair specific headphones, for example. 

You might need to invoke a trial and error method (if you have that many headphones) to test which headphones will pair with your smart TV. 

Another device that can pair is a Bluetooth speaker. The majority of Bluetooth speakers can pair with smart TVs.

However, if you notice that yours cannot, you may need to contact your manufacturer’s support. Or you could check their online FAQ portals for further information on Bluetooth pairing. 

There’s also a Bluetooth keyboard. Ensure that you have the USB connector plugged into the respective ports for it to work.

Again, most of the time, these devices will work, and if they don’t, make a call or send an email to your manufacturer and get the support you need. 

Does Alexa Or Google Home Use Bluetooth?

The exciting part about Alexa and Google Home is that they both use WiFi, but only Google Home has a built-in Bluetooth streaming feature. 

According to Amazon, Alexa is strictly a WiFi-based device. It doesn’t come with Bluetooth as a standard feature. 

On the other hand, Google Home has Bluetooth built into it but only for audio streaming. Google Home will also still require WiFi to work, but at least you know that it has Bluetooth for users to indulge. 

Alexa and Google Home are on the road to becoming household staples. Because of their ability to connect to WiFi, they might not need a reason to have built-in Bluetooth.

Alexa and Google Home are virtual assistants. They have numerous functions, and one of them is to play music. 

But why would you need to pair it to your phone using Bluetooth when it’s already paired to your Spotify or Apple Music account? 

The plot thickens.

What Are The Alternatives To Bluetooth?

As shared earlier, Bluetooth was once the apple of the tech industry. However, thanks to alternative methods, Bluetooth isn’t the staple it used to be. Here are the more modern alternatives to Bluetooth:


WiFi is a no-brainer for many people. All you need is a WiFi router, and voila, you’re good to go. WiFi is the biggest competitor to Bluetooth because it has software apps like Chromecast that do what Bluetooth does but better. 

WiFi also enables virtual assistants like Alexa and Google. Not only that, but WiFi runs your smart TV as well. You won’t need to pair your device when you can log in to your Spotify or Apple Music account on your TV.

Another thing is that you can also access your favorite games from your smart TV without using Bluetooth to pair devices.

Wireless USB adapters

You’ve probably seen this on a wireless mouse or a wireless keyboard. These wireless USB adapters allow you to access third-party devices like a mouse or a keyboard without any cables.

A lot of gaming equipment will come with a wireless USB adapter. A PS5 controller uses a wireless USB adapter to connect it to the console or a PC. 

It’s on this list because it is an unreplaceable mechanic that works well for anyone who uses it. Not only that, but you can use wireless USB adapters across the board in a PC or console or even everyday use.

Currently, there’s no alternative to wireless USB adapters. They are in their league. 

They also replaced Bluetooth Keyboards and mice. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true. However, they are efficient and get the job done. 

Bluetooth was and still is a standard for numerous smart TVs. Laptops also have Bluetooth as a standard feature.

However, some TV manufacturers do not have Bluetooth in some of their products. Experts recommend checking product descriptions before purchase. 

Smart TV And Bluetooth FAQs

  1. How Can A Smart Tv Connect To Bluetooth Speakers?

First off, you need to check with your manufacturer’s instructions and how to connect.

Secondly, you can switch on the Bluetooth feature and see if the Bluetooth speaker will automatically connect to the smart TV. But check with your manufacturer.

  1. Why Is Bluetooth Not Standard In Tvs?

Bluetooth is common in most new TVs. Leading TV brands still consider Bluetooth as a standard feature in smart TVs.

Even 4K TVs come with built-in Bluetooth. However, there are some brands, Like Sony, that have some smart TVs without built-in Bluetooth.

  1. I Have A Tv That Doesn’t Have Bluetooth; How Do I Connect My Bluetooth Speaker To It?

You may need a Bluetooth adapter to add Bluetooth functionality to your TV. 


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