2 Smart TVs That Have Cameras Built-in

Do smart TVs have cameras? This product type may seem odd, but TV manufacturers do have in-built cameras in their catalogs. If you’re in the market for a TV with a built-in camera, this article has it all boiled down for you. 

So which unique TV models have built-in cameras? Here are two:

  1. LG 55 inch CINEMA 3D Smart TV LA9600
  2. LG LA8600 55-inch Smart TV
Smart TVs That Have Cameras
Not many smart TVs have cameras anymore. But LG still makes a couple of models.

TVs that come with a camera feature are rare. However, they do exist; it won’t take long before they become extinct dinosaurs in the TV industry. If you’re interested to know more about these rare TVs, you’re entirely welcome to keep reading.

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Do smart TVs have cameras? 

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Smartphones have cameras, laptops have cameras, and the occasional fridge (yes, I’m talking about you, LG Instaview Thin Q fridge) comes with a built-in camera. However, it’s pretty rare for you to hear of a TV that comes with a camera. 

Why don’t TVs have cameras?

It’s more of a security issue, and most consumers wouldn’t be open to having their TV spy on them. Moreover, there’s no actual demand for smart TVs that come with a camera. You may find that some manufacturers discontinued some of these models. 

How do I know whether my TV has a camera?

You can know whether your smart TV has a camera in the following ways:

  • You read the smart TV manual. The manual has every detail about your TV.
  • Your TV has a facial recognition feature
  • Your TV has a video chat feature

For any of the last two features to work, they must come with a built-in camera. If you haven’t noticed any of those features and the manual said nothing about a camera, you’re good to go. 

Which TVs come with a built-in camera?

Let’s look at what the market has and offers with these rare types of smart TVs. 

LG 55 inch CINEMA 3D Smart TV LA9600

LG is one of the biggest brands in the TV industry. It wouldn’t sit right if they didn’t throw the gauntlet and had a TV model with a built-in camera. 

It also comes with a retractable camera. Interestingly, TVs showcased retractable cameras, and then they moved onto smartphones. 

You cannot find this model on Amazon. You will have to check or inquire with LG’s official website if you’re interested in this model. It’s just like any other smart TV, except it has a retractable camera. There’s no information from LG on its other specs, such as resolution or pixels. 

LG LA8600 55-inch Smart TV

An LED TV with a retractable camera, you can find this TV on the LG store. However, the availability of this TV is dependent on your location. The LA8600 comes with motion control that you can achieve with both the camera and its remote; however, it’s much easier to do it with the remote. 

The LA8600 is the final TV model on this list. Unfortunately, LG discontinued this model but the store offers options that buyers can use to procure it. So, the odds of getting this smart TV model is up to you. 

Nevertheless, it’s a great TV. It gives you the value of a smart TV and the bonus of having a built-in camera. So you can access your favorite streaming platforms like Netflix, Twitch, Youtube, etc. 

Not only that but it also connects to your home WiFi which is a required feature for any smart TV. 

Disclaimers You Need To Know About

You may not find some of these models on Amazon, so it would be in your best interest to stick to manufacturer websites. They are just as good and reliable as any other store. They also offer deals and discounts. 

Although the storage space isn’t enough, some smart TVs allow you to take pictures with the TV and store them. You will have to use third-party storage if you want to take more pictures and store them. 

Regardless, TVs with built-in cameras do exist, but manufacturers are slowly discontinuing them for newer models (4K OLED TVs are the rage in the market). So apart from procurement problems and storage, you will have to deal with a lack of software updates. 

Are There Any Alternative Methods?

Despite these underlying issues, there is a silver lining. You can buy an external camera. If you watch streamers, you’ll notice that they use a webcam on top of their monitor. You can get the same thing for your smart TV. 

Here’s the top webcam you can use for your smart TV:

The Logitech BRIO UHD 4K Webcam (Amazon link)

Logitech is one of the leading brands in providing tech products. You’re assured of a great quality webcam. It’s great for work calls and video calling on your smart TV. Both the video and audio quality are clean. 

Smart TV FAQs.

1. What TVs come with a camera?

At the moment, LG is one of the last remaining smart TV brands that offer smart TVs with cameras. The LG LA8600 and the LA9600 are great choices for any willing buyer. 

  1. What’s the point of having a built-in camera on a TV?

A built-in camera allows users to have video calls and face recognition features. It would be similar to how some laptops unlock using the face recognition feature, except it would be on your TV instead. 

  1. Is it safe to have a built-in camera in a smart TV

It does depend on how you’ve managed to keep your TV free from viruses and other harmful tools from the internet. Ensuring you have security tools in place should work. 


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