5 Reasons Why Soundbars Are Not A Waste Of Money

There are a number of reasons why soundbars are not a waste of money; even when your television comes with built-in speakers. Quality of sound aside, there is a compelling argument or two for soundbars entering your home theater.

soundbars are not a waste of money

Soundbars are an excellent investment and value for money as they provide higher fidelity audio, which is better than the one your regular TV speakers produce. Apart from the great sound they make, they also do not take up too much space.

If that does not convince you, you need to find out why a soundbar is worth having.

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Why Soundbars Are Not A Waste Of Money

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You may be wondering why you still need a soundbar when your TV already produces good sound.

However, contrary to what you think, your TV’s sound is still not good enough. Such is especially true if your TV is playing as background noise while you are doing something else.

Fortunately, soundbars are available to make things better. Their main benefits are:

  • Better sound quality
  • Cost-effectivity
  • Space-saving
  • An extra subwoofer
  • Functions as a music player

Below are the top reasons why soundbars are not a waste of money:

1. Greater TV sound quality

With soundbars, the sound quality of your television will improve significantly. It will have an improved bass and a great stereo image.

The emerging trend for thin smart TVs resulted in less space for speakers. They need to compensate for the ultra-thin body of televisions, which compromise the quality of the sound they produce. Fortunately, a soundbar can fix this issue.

A soundbar is typically a thin, long bar-shaped speaker that you can place in front or under your television.

This type of speaker provides expansive sound and crystal clear audio. As a result, you will experience a more fantastic entertainment experience at home.

If it gives you a better experience, how can it be a waste? Soundbars are not a waste of money, it’s that simple.

2. Soundbars are cost-effective

A complete sound system will surely make excellent audio. However, they can also be costly. Most people do not have a budget for such.

But just because you do not have a budget does not mean you cannot have an excellent speaker. A soundbar is a cost-effective alternative to a complete sound system.

You can even buy one at a fraction of a sound system’s price.

Now, you no longer need to spend thousands of dollars to complete your home theater experience. Soundbars can change the way you watch TVs and listen to music.

Any cost-effective solution that increases your pleasure of the experience is good in my book. So it would appear that soundbars are not a waste of money, and we still have more points to make!

3. You do not need to allocate considerable space.

With a complete sound system, you need to ensure that your living room or home theater is big enough to accommodate it. But things are different when it comes to soundbars.

All you need to have is a little space in front or below your television, and you will have a perfect room for your soundbar.

This type of speaker is an innovative and stylish way to make your TV’s audio better.

Additionally, you can put your soundbar almost anywhere in your entertainment area as it is completely wireless.

4. You will get either a built-in or additional subwoofer

The majority of high-quality soundbars come with a dedicated or built-in subwoofer. This additional feature allows your speaker to produce immersive sound by adding extra bass. As a result, you will hear a rich and full sound.

With a dedicated subwoofer, you will hear even the lowest sound frequency that the show you are watching produces. Your entertainment room at home will sound very similar to what you hear in cinemas.

However, some people do not want to hear much bass. But such is not a problem at all. The reason is that the bass levels of a soundbar and subwoofer combo are entirely adjustable.

5. Excellent music player

The technology behind televisions is becoming better and better. Back then, TV’s only work to play movies and series.

But now, you can use them as music players, and you can even play video games using them.

For that reason, the quality of sound that your speaker produces when you are using your TV mustn’t disappoint.

Modern televisions now have an excellent screen quality, allowing them to create crystal clear images. For this reason, the sound quality of your speaker should match that greatness.

Some soundbars come with the latest 4.1 Bluetooth technology. This feature allows you to use the speaker not only on your TV but also on your phone.

As a result, you can stream some music anytime and enjoy the excellent audio your soundbar produces.

How to Choose a Good Soundbar

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The market now offers many feature-packed soundbars. For this reason, choosing one can be a tedious task. That said, you need to know the key features that the soundbar you will purchase must-have.

A night and voice mode feature

Sometimes, watching TV at night can be tricky since most of your housemates are already asleep. But a soundbar with a night mode feature can solve this problem.

The night and voice modes of this speaker compress the audio’s dynamic range. Such lets you turn the volume just high enough for you to hear without the presence of sudden noises from what you are watching.

For this reason, explosions and gunshots will not be disturbing.

An additional subwoofer

As mentioned, some soundbars come with a built-in subwoofer. But no matter how appealing that sounds, nothing beats the greatness that a separate subwoofer can provide.

The reason is that a subwoofer adds extra, low-frequency bass to the sound that your soundbar produces.

Fortunately, many wireless subwoofers are available as a pair to soundbars. If you purchased a set like this, the sound from the two speakers already complements the sub, saving you from purchasing separately. 

On the other hand, less expensive soundbars come paired with wired subwoofers. If you can merely unplug it, you can repair or replace it separately.

This add-on comes with standard connectors in RCA style. For this reason, you could replace the subwoofer with another model if you prefer to, as long as it also works using the same connector type.

Center channel

A center channel allows you to make sure that the voices from what you are watching sound clear, loud, and distinct.

The dialog you hear in almost all modern movies and TV shows usually passes through the center channel. Meaning the center driver of your soundbar is responsible for most of the heavy lifting when it comes to voices.

That said, you need to ensure that your chosen soundbar has a good center channel. However, a soundbar with such a feature can be a little expensive.

But you can choose a two-channel soundbar if you need a budget-friendly speaker that produces excellent audio.

This speaker’s two-channel feature can act as a center channel. To do such, it mixed the audio coming from the left and right channels.

Dolby Atmos or DTS:X feature

When you buy a soundbar with either Dolby Atmos or DTS:X support, it will allow you to feel as if the sound you are hearing comes from all around you.

Most of the time, these two 3D audio formats both come in a single soundbar. It allows the speaker to achieve their “height” effects through the use of up-firing driver configurations. As a result, the audio produced bounces off your ceiling.

Moreover, up-firing drivers are a cheaper alternative to in-ceiling speakers. So, when you purchase a soundbar, make sure that it has this feature for more outstanding sound quality.


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