4 Best Ways to Hide Soundbar Wires

There is nothing that quite takes the perfectionist’s enthusiasm for using a new piece of equipment in their home that compares to having to stare at a cluttered mess.

When using a Soundbar, you may find that the dangling wires can become a bit unsightly and you should look for ways to hide them.

There are several ways to hide Soundbar wires including using zip ties and small hooks on the back of furniture, using cable raceways or cable channels to conceal them in plain sight, running wires behind the wall, or obstructing the view of the wires with creative decor items.

How to Hide Soundbar Wires

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Of course, the option that you choose to go with might vary based on your style, how easy it will be to make one of these options possible given your current housing setup, and how much time, money, and effort you are willing to spend to make this possible.

Just know that regardless of the option you choose, you and your guests will be able to focus on the media you are streaming rather than the tangled cables below. Let’s take a closer look.

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How Do You Hide Soundbar Wires

Whether you have been looking at the wires connecting your Soundbar for weeks after installation and are ready to turn a new leaf, or if you are jumping the gun and hiding the wires before you bear weeks of staring at them, there are plenty of options available.

Choosing how to hide Soundbar wires will depend on your budget, homeownership status, and personal preference.

While running the wires behind the wall sounds incredible and will certainly hide the wires, it is not an ideal choice for someone who has heavy insulation to cut through or perhaps has their media display above a fireplace.

Or, maybe this person rents their property and cannot cut into the walls in the first place.

As in this example, you can see that there are many reasons that one option might be preferable or more realistic compared to others. So, without further adieu, here are a few ways to hide Soundbar wires:

1. Use Zip Ties and Small Hooks

Cable binds

If you are in a situation that you cannot cause permanent “damage” or alterations to the furniture or structure of your living space, then you will want to choose a removable option.

Fortunately, there are several of these. Using zip ties and small hooks on the back of furniture can help to make the tangled mess of your wires become less unsightly, though this option might not always make the wires completely disappear.

Either way, this can be a really great option- especially when bunching multiple cables together to gain a more sleek, organized look.

While the wires may or may not be completely out of sight, it will be apparent when using this method that you have chosen to get organized and make the most of your space.

To utilize this option, you can tie small zip ties around the wires in multiple locations. Leave enough space in the tie that the wires can be moved when pulled, but do not leave too much of a gap that defeats the purpose of tying them in the first place.

Then, cut the end of the zip tie so that it does not protrude into the empty space. Place small hooks on the back of furniture (even your Soundbar if you can safely do so), and attach the cables out of the way here.

2. Use Cable Raceways or Cable Channels 

Another option for hiding your Soundbar wires is to use cable raceways or cable channels to conceal the Soundbar wires in plain sight. This option is typically removable, although varying options will require different types of hardware.

Typically speaking, cable raceways are going to be applied with a sticky adhesive whereas cable channels will be plated and screwed on.

When using a cable raceway, you will be able to customize the size and direction of the raceway to best meet the structure and design functions that you are attempting to achieve.

Along with this, these pieces can be easily installed without hardware or tools if they have the standard adhesive (although you might have to cut them if you want them to fit a smaller space).

If you choose to use a cable channel instead of a raceway, you will likely need to measure and screw on the device to ensure that it is plated and structurally sound.

This option is a bit more permanent, although it can still be removed. Fortunately, this option allows for more wires to be run through than just one or two that most raceways permit.

With either option of a cable raceway or a cable channel, you can even choose to paint this to match the walls and add an allure to the small structure.

Rather than a white or a black plate sticking out in comparison to the rest of your decor (although it will still look a million times better than tangled or unhidden wires), you can help it to blend in even more with paint.

3. Hide the Soundbar Wires Behind the Wall

wall plug

If you are in a position where you own your home and the wall that you are choosing to mount your Soundbar and other media equipment on is not obstructed by a fireplace or dense insulation, for example, then running the Soundbar wires behind the wall can be an incredibly innovative way to truly hide the wires from view.

To do this, you can either follow an instructional guide that will show you how to measure and realign the wires, or you can use an easier kit that will come with all of the components that you need (although sometimes it will be missing a few tools).

Typically, the kits will come with the plugs, covers, and everything that will cover any incisions that you take to your wall to utilize this method.

Interestingly, this in-Wall wire hiding kit on Amazon will allow you to safely and easily hide your Soundbar and other TV and media wires behind the wall while providing a perfect avenue for the wires to come through for use on your side of the wall.

This kit and others like it are an easy way to make this otherwise more complicated option come to life.

Either way, when running the Soundbar wires behind the wall, you will need to measure and make incisions (in other words, holes) in your wall that the wires can drop between.

Assuming there is no insulation on this part of the wall, your wires should simply fall, and you can figure out how to grab the wires through the second hole in the wall to be able to plug them in.

This method can take a bit of maneuvering and figuring out exactly how to get the wires through the wall. But, interestingly enough, the more difficult part of this will be measuring and accurately placing the holes in the wall.

Once they have been cut, it can be a bit difficult to turn the idea around and begin in a new location or with a new method of hiding the wires.

4. Use Creative Decor Items

If you are in a pinch and want to use a budget-friendly option for hiding your Soundbar wires then obstructing the view of the Soundbar wires with creative decor items can be the way to go (although to be fair, the above-listed items truly do not cost too much if you plan effectively.)

But, one major benefit to this option is that you can change out your decor when you want a new look to your home media space.

This option can help you to get pretty creative with your newly found design skills, too. You can choose to take a few picture frames and place them creatively on the wall in front of the wires.

Or, perhaps you want to show off your media display by arranging your DVDs on a floating shelf above the Soundbar.

Perhaps, you can tie in a theme to your home theater or media room to be able to make this decision feel intentional. Realistically, the intentionality is what is going to show up the most here considering it can be made to look like it was always meant to look this way or that it just happened by accident.

When considering which pieces to incorporate to obstruct the view of the Soundbar wires, you will want to consider something that can be easily moved, in case you need to access the wires.

Along with that, choose decor that is sized appropriately and will not distract from the TV or anything else that sits above your Soundbar. Getting a little creative can go a long way, especially with this option.

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