Can You Put a Soundbar on the Ceiling?

One of the most popular locations where a soundbar is installed is under your television or mounted on the wall. Sometimes you will find the soundbar in an entertainment unit.

Since soundbars can go just about anywhere, it only stands to reason that you can also mount your soundbar on the ceiling, right?

You can’t put a soundbar on the ceiling. The most crucial criterion for mounting a soundbar is that it should be at ear level. Mounting your soundbar on the ceiling is not optimal unless you have a soundbar specific for the ceiling, so it should be as close to your ear as possible for optimal sound.

Can I Put a Soundbar on the Ceiling_

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In this article, you will learn about strategic soundbar mounting locations, reasons you shouldn’t mount your soundbar on the ceiling, and how to mount a soundbar properly so that you can enjoy an immersive experience when watching television.

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Soundbar Mounting Location

There are many different locations suitable for a soundbar, but you need to plan where exactly you want to put the soundbar.

When you consider the placement options, ensure that it is positioned correctly to get the best sound quality. If you mount your soundbar in the wrong spot, it can severely affect your sound quality. Therefore, it must be properly installed in a location where the sound will go out and around the room.

The primary issues that will affect sound quality are the projection of the sound. Your soundbar might not be made for vertical mounting or above mounting. You need to be sure that the sound quality you get is going to project the sound appropriately, not distort the sound.

To mount a soundbar, you also need to have the right features necessary for mounting.

The primary features needed for mounting include mounting brackets, mounting holes for screws or other hanging materials as well as making sure the soundbar you bought is made for mounting and not sitting.

Above or Below the Television

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For the best connectivity, your soundbar should be either above or below the television. If you mounted your television, the optimal location for the soundbar is below the system.

You want to make sure that your soundbar is more than 3 inches (7.62 cm) away from the screen to avoid a delay in sound.

When placing the soundbar below your television, you want to avoid it being obstructed by other items.

The sound produced needs to reach the listener and to have your soundbar below the television can make it harder to reach. If you place it too far back on a television stand or have it obstructed, it can seriously impact sound quality.

Mounting a soundbar above the television will depend on how high up your television set is on the wall.

The higher up, the more impacted the soundbar’s quality can be when you place the soundbar above it. If the television is near the ceiling, you may want to consider different placement options.

Why You Should Not Mount Your Soundbar on the Ceiling

Mounting your soundbar on the ceiling is not a good option because the sound can be obscured significantly. Sound from the ceiling cannot go up and out like most soundbar projections are.

A soundbar on the ceiling is going to send the sound output straight down. Therefore, the sound will not be anywhere near what you would expect it to be when it is mounted on the ceiling.

Another reason to not mount your soundbar on the ceiling is because of mounting equipment. Most of the equipment used for soundbar installation is designed for the wall, not the ceiling.

The fastenings may not be secure enough to keep your soundbar appropriately secured. Most fasteners are made for the wall, not the extra pull the soundbar will have on them when fighting gravity.

How to Properly Mount a Soundbar

Mounting a soundbar isn’t as easy as you may think it can be. Consider the following factors when deciding where to place your soundbar:


By this point, you already know if you want the soundbar either above or below the television. Now you want to pick the right position to make sure that you get the best sound quality.

The best place to put the soundbar is by placing it more than 3 inches away from the television. Therefore, you need to measure the gap between the soundbar and the television to ensure centering is appropriate.

Mounting capability

Some soundbars aren’t suited for mounting on the wall. If you haven’t purchased your soundbar yet, you want to find one with mounting capabilities.

If you already have a soundbar, do check if you can get a wall mounting kit that will suit your soundbar’s type and style. Do not try to mount a soundbar that isn’t capable of being mounted.

Mounting system

A proper soundbar mounting system will be similar to the one you would use for your television. It is going to have brackets and fasteners to safely secure your soundbar on the wall.

If you are mounting it higher up on the wall, make sure to find a stud and use anchors to secure your soundbar to the wall so that it doesn’t fall.

Using a sturdy mounting system will ensure that your soundbar is safe, but when in doubt, hire a professional to install your soundbar to ensure the mount is securely fastened. The last thing you want is your soundbar falling to the ground when you are trying to watch television.

Picking the right spot for your soundbar is essential when it comes to the excellent sound quality you expect to get. When the soundbar is at your ear height, you will be able to reap the surround sound quality that your soundbar is designed to give you.

Most soundbars have an up and out type of sound quality. If you place it on the wall ceiling, it will be a down and around type quality that will miss you completely.

Here is a step-by-step video to help you learn how to mount your soundbar properly:

The Caveat

It isn’t a good idea to hang your soundbar on the ceiling unless you use a soundbar that is specifically designed for the ceiling.

Some newer soundbars are explicitly made for in-ceiling mounting so that the audio sounds like it is coming from the heavens. The ceiling soundbars are generally much more expensive and a bit harder to install.

If you plan to mount your soundbar from the ceiling, make sure that you pick the right spot for mounting. Otherwise, you are going to end up with a sound quality that will not be suitable.

Since ceiling mounting is difficult to accomplish, you want to ensure you mount your soundbar properly.


While it is not a good idea to mount a soundbar on the ceiling, you can still purchase one that is made specifically for the ceiling.

Otherwise, you want to pick a different location for your bar either below or above the television set. Make sure when wall mounting, you choose the right brackets and mounting system to place your soundbar safely.

Soundbars are remarkable for sound quality and achieve the optimal sound output when appropriately placed.

You want to make sure you place your soundbar optimally so that you can reap the benefits of the sound quality you are meant to have. Ultimately, where the optimal position depends on where you put your television.

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