How to Mount a Soundbar on the Wall

Bringing home your first Soundbar can be truly exciting.

As you begin to set up this piece of equipment, you are likely wondering how to do it appropriately. Of course, the way that you mount a Soundbar will help to achieve optimal sound quality and performance.

How to mount a Soundbar on the wall? Most Soundbars come with wall mounts that, once measuring and leveling is completed, can be screwed directly into the wall. Soundbars are lightweight and will not require a stud. Place your Soundbar at ear level underneath your TV for optimal sound quality.

How to Mount a Soundbar on the Wall

Of course, if you are renting and are unable to drill holes into the wall, there are alternatives such as hanging the wall mount with picture hanging hooks, for example.

However, as you take each step to hang the Soundbar, remember that the more care and effort you put into setting it up correctly, the more you will be able to enjoy it each time you use the device. Let’s take a closer look.

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How to Mount a Soundbar on the Wall

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As you excitedly open up the package that has just arrived on your front doorstep, you might be thrilled to find that it contains the Soundbar you ordered quite recently.

Surely, you have been waiting by the front door since the moment you ordered it as this piece of sound equipment is rather exciting.

Now that it is in your hands, it is time to install it and get to the fun part of using it for streaming your favorite types of audio/media. In order to mount a Soundbar on the wall, be sure to follow these steps:

1. Locate the wall mounts

The majority of Soundbars will come with wall mounts since this is the most typical way that the equipment is set up.

If your Soundbar happens to not come with wall mounts, you can usually find them for pretty inexpensive online. Just be sure to look for a universal fit or one that would work with the specifications of your unique Soundbar.

2. Measure for your Soundbar placement

Once you know how the Soundbar wall mounts look, you can begin to measure for the placement of your Soundbar. You will want to ensure that the wall mounts will allow the Soundbar to sit at ear level for the best quality audio streaming experience.

Along with this, you will most typically want your Soundbar to sit underneath your TV.

This has more to do with the fact that TVs usually sit above ear level, so it is more likely that your Soundbar will achieve better sound by sitting underneath it. But, if you keep your TV on the floor, then the Soundbar can go above it.

Another thing to keep in mind with measuring for the Soundbar placement is any wired connection that you will need to maintain for your Soundbar.

Whether this is an HDMI cable connecting the Soundbar to the TV, or it is the power outlet for your device, you will need to ensure that the cables can reach.

3. Drill your Soundbar wall mounts into place (level)

Now that you have measured the appropriate height for your Soundbar (ear level), it is time to drill in the wall mount pieces.

Typically speaking, a Soundbar is not going to weigh enough that it will be necessary to find a stud, but you can do so if you feel that this is necessary.

After you have drilled the first wall mount into place, you can use an electric level or a traditional level and the Soundbar to ensure that the device will sit level. There is nothing quite as distracting from your favorite movie as the Soundbar sitting crooked underneath the TV.

4. Place the Soundbar securely on the wall mount

Now that the wall mount is installed, you can place the Soundbar on it. Plug it into the TV and the power outlet however will work best for your media setup.

Ideally, you will be able to hide the wires that come with your Soundbar so that they are not so distracting.

Now that your Soundbar is securely installed in the brackets of the wall mount, you can begin streaming your audio. You can feel confident that your friends and family will be impressed not only that you installed the Soundbar but with the sound quality that it is able to achieve.

Do You Have to Mount a Soundbar on the Wall?

Perhaps you were reading through the above-listed steps and began concocting other ideas for how you would like to set your Soundbar up.

And, while there is not really anyone to tell you that you cannot get creative with your wall mount solutions, the performance of the Soundbar can be at stake here.

So, do you have to mount a Soundbar on the wall? Mounting a Soundbar on the wall is not required, but it is suggested for the best acoustic setup.

The open-air surrounding a wall-mounted Soundbar permits an enhanced acoustic. Additionally, there will be limited decor or other items sitting in front of the wall-mounted Soundbar muffling the streaming audio.

With that in mind, you technically do not have to mount a Soundbar on the wall, but choosing to go against the common design and function of this piece of sound equipment could result in poor perceived performance of the device.

Along with that, it is not really fair to “blame” the device for muffled sound if you choose not to install it correctly in the first place.

You might be wondering if you can place the Soundbar on the floor. To answer this, while nobody is telling you what you can and cannot do with your Soundbar, placing it on the floor will likely alter the acoustics to a point in which the Soundbar’s speaker channels will not be as effective.

Thus, the overall sound quality will be limited, especially in comparison to if you had mounted it on the wall.

Do Soundbars Come with Wall Mounts?

Mount a Soundbar

Fortunately, you should not have any issues when it comes to installing your Soundbar on the wall- at least as far as equipment goes.

Installing wall mounts that will eventually hold your (relatively lightweight) Soundbar should not take too much work, even for someone who does not have a lot of familiarity with tools or handiwork.

But, you might be wondering if you will need to purchase the wall mounts separately or if Soundbars come with wall mounts. Fortunately, most Soundbars come with wall mounts in their packaging along with instructions for installation.

If your Soundbar does not come with wall mounts, you can find a universal Soundbar wall mount that meets the sizing requirements for your device.

Be sure to read the various reviews to ensure that your device will work, although most wall mounts should be able to support your Soundbar.

Can I Mount a Soundbar on the Wall Without Drilling Holes?

Mounting your Soundbar sounds great and all, but what if you are renting and cannot drill holes in the wall? Or, perhaps your TV sits right on the mantle, and you are worried about drilling into the beautiful brick fireplace that is in the right location for the Soundbar.

Can you mount a Soundbar on the wall without drilling holes? There are a few ways to do this including strong adhesives or painting hooks.

You will want to be careful depending on the type of surface that you are applying an adhesive to. While the weight of the Soundbar is not too heavy, adhesives are not always as secure as drilled-in wall mounts.

Of course, that does not mean that these methods cannot work, as they clearly have for many people. The main component that you will want to pay attention to is that the method you choose for mounting the Soundbar is secure and strong enough to continue to withstand the pressure of the Soundbar.

Additionally, if you plan on maneuvering your Soundbar so that you can hit the right buttons or mess with any wired connection, you will want to be wary of sticking the Soundbar directly onto any surface with an adhesive. Doing this could limit your ability to adjust the Soundbar tremendously.

Whichever way you choose to mount your Soundbar is entirely up to you and your situation. But, with best practices in mind, you can achieve high-quality sound streaming from your Soundbar as it was intended.

So, whether you are choosing to mount your Soundbar on the wall with a traditional wall mount, or you are opting for another clever method, just be sure that you pay attention to caring for your device, and you are well on your way to an enjoyable media-streaming time.

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