Best Way To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To PS5?

Pairing your Bluetooth headphones with your PlayStation 5 can create a wireless connection that keeps you in the game. Many Bluetooth headphones are top-of-the-line, but PS5s don’t let you connect any Bluetooth devices other than keyboards and mouses. Fortunately, there’s a way around it.

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To PS5

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To connect Bluetooth headphones to a PS5, plug a Bluetooth USB adapter into the console, then pair your headphones with the adapter. Head to your console’s sound and microphone settings to adjust the volume, microphone output, and many other settings.

Connect Bluetooth Headphones To PS5

In this article, I’ll show you the step-by-step instructions you need to connect Bluetooth headphones to a PS5 without using cables. Enjoy!

Connect a Bluetooth USB Adapter to Your PS5

While PlayStation currently doesn’t offer any Bluetooth adapters, you can choose from countless third-party USB dongles. Keep in mind that the PS5 has USB-C and traditional USB-A ports, so find a USB adapter that fits an open port to ensure you can use the headphones at all times.

I recommend the Aisidra Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver (available on, which lets you pair multiple devices to the same Bluetooth connection.

Additionally, it supports Bluetooth 5.0 for reduced latency and optimal connection speeds. You can also charge it while it’s connected to your PS5 and your headphones.

Digital Trends reports pairing a USB Bluetooth receiver with your PS5 is the most reliable way to establish a connection, as long as the receiver is compatible with both devices.

That being said, keep these factors in mind before choosing the pairing device:

  • The Bluetooth receiver needs to be the same version as your headphones.
  • Low-quality third-party Bluetooth dongles can greatly increase latency, reducing your gaming experience.
  • Some Bluetooth receivers use digital audio optical cables rather than USB cables.
  • Choose which power source you prefer for your Bluetooth receiver, as they charge with USB cables, rechargeable batteries, and replaceable batteries.

Pair Your Bluetooth Headphones With the USB Adapter

Online Tech Tips shows that once you’re done choosing your Bluetooth receiver, all you have to do is press and hold the connection button on the receiver and your headphones.

Release both buttons when they’re in sync, as this allows them to connect without using wires. That being said, some Bluetooth devices are much quicker with wired connections during the initial pairing.

If the connection doesn’t work, consider these troubleshooting suggestions:

  • Reset your PS5 and your headphones. Sometimes neither device will pair if they’ve been on for too long. Furthermore, they might not connect because they haven’t paired with another device, so they can’t sync. Turn them off, then retry the process mentioned above. Restarting Bluetooth devices almost always does the trick.
  • Turn off nearby Bluetooth devices. Your headphones might be trying to connect with Bluetooth devices, which could slow or prevent them from connecting to your PS5’s receiver. Additionally, having too many Bluetooth devices can interfere with the signal, as can excessive amounts of WiFi or obstacles between the two devices.
  • Make sure you’ve charged your headphones. Bluetooth headphones with a low battery typically take a lot longer to establish a connection. The same rule applies to Bluetooth adapters without enough battery life. Charge both devices to 100% before trying to pair them. Note that the PS5 typically powers USB dongles.
  • Check if your Playstation has a system update. If your gaming console is outdated, it can interfere with your headphones and other Bluetooth devices. Update and restart your PS5 if it’s not using the most recent version. You can do the same to your Bluetooth headphones if they contain software updates.

Change Your Headphone Settings on Your Gaming Console

After establishing a Bluetooth connection between your headphones and your PS5, it’s time to adjust the settings to ensure they suit your preferences.

Some of these specs might change during the initial pairing process. Furthermore, you can make many of the adjustments on your headphones, especially if they have a built-in microphone.

Here’s a detailed list of which audio settings you can change when you pair the headphones:

  • Choose your microphone’s output volume.
  • Set your microphone’s sensitivity. More sensitivity reduces how loudly you need to speak, but it can also pick up background noises.
  • Decide how much game volume you want to play with through your headphones.
  • Adjust the incoming in-game chat volume. You can also adjust individual volume options, such as the music, ambiance, and more.
  • Find out if you need to make any onboard adjustments to your headphones.

If it seems like the audio quality is degraded compared to pairing your headphones with other devices, it could be due to latency. Make sure there’s a clear line between the Bluetooth adapter and your headphones.

Connect to Your TV’s Bluetooth

You can connect your headphones directly to your TV if you don’t want to use Bluetooth dongles and adapters on your PS5. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to talk through the microphone. However, everything going through the TV will be audible in your headphones without much latency.

Here are the two best ways to connect your Bluetooth headphones to a TV when you’re on your PS5:

  • Connect your headphones directly to your TV’s Bluetooth receiver. Most smart TVs have Bluetooth connectivity. Head to the Settings menu, find the Devices section, then pair your headphones with the TV. Once you’re done, you can change the audio quality on your headphones or in the TV’s sound options.
  • Use a USB adapter to connect your Bluetooth headphones to your TV. Game Spot explains that you can plug a USB dongle into your TV, just as you did with the aforementioned PS5 suggestion. Hold your headphones’ pairing button, then do the same for the external USB dongle connected to your TV.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to replace your Bluetooth headphones when playing on your PS5. While they might not connect directly to the Playstation, there are a few ways around it. The best method is to use an adapter, but you can also connect to the TV for crystal-clear audio whenever you game.

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